MISSION accommplished!!!

For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you are familiar with the DFZ – the Dog Free Zone.  The ONE room in the house that has restricted access to us canines because, well, we would no doubt destroy it.  The room contains some things that my human would rather not see end up with our handiwork – like the hooked rug that took her 95 years to make.  So the baby gate has restricted our access – but as you will recall, nothing can REALLY restrict Frodo’s access.  He even figured out a way to STRETCH the bungee cord that was holding the gate during Christmas – when my human REALLY did not want us in the DFZ, sampling things from the Christmas tree. 

If the bungee cord is not holding the gate, Frodo simply pushes the gate aside, and yours truly follows.  If the bungee cord is not on, I have actually been known to go in by myself by pushing the gate – my brother taught me well. Yesterday morning as my human was getting ready to leave for work – she found me in there all by myself.  Quite comfy.

So now, if my human is in the DFZ, working on her laptop, Frodo and I routinely wander in.  And we make ourselves comfortable.  And this week – Paxton joined us.  He FINALLY figured out that IF the gate is open – he CAN walk in.  Of course he is not exactly subtle in his entry – he heads right for the couch.   

Last night my human looked around and REALIZED – the DFZ was not exactly a DFZ any more.  Frodo was lounging in front of the fireplace, I was relaxing on one of the wingback chairs and Paxton was sprawled out on the couch.  Mission accomplished.  I KNEW we could infiltrate the DFZ with some patience.  ALL three of us.

Ah yes.  We canines ARE good at training humans.  Canines -3. Human -0.  Life is good…..

©  2015 Linda Wozniak

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