Howdy blogaroos. Happy Sunday. Squirmy here today with updates from the asylum.

Actually not much new here since Aunt Sue left. The Warden has been busy doing futile Spring cleaning and the weekly mowing has begun. Mowing our fenced yard can be a challenge. As soon as we know she has carefully ensured that there is no poop that she might mow over- and she has scoured every inch of the backyard to be sure it is completely poop free- we go out and poop before she begins. Actually- it’s the Coyote who answers Nature’s Call as soon as he hears the mower rev up the engine. Kind of like Pavlov’s dog. Except instead of drooling when a bell rings, he poops when the mower starts. Every. Single. Time.

Class was good on Friday. I didn’t attempt to eat any bumblebees. And no walk abouts during my “stay” exercises – so I was above mediocre.

Since our lives are currently rather boring, I turned to recent dog news for updates on world dog stories. The first was out of Montreal:


So people got bent out of shape because of the No Barking signs at the Dog Park. I’m guessing there were no PONs at that park. Holy squeak toys – the Boss could single pawedly cause a municipality to strictly enforce no barking at the dog park. The Warden thinks his hearing is getting worse – so he can’t hear his own barking. The guy barks for no reason. I mean sometimes it’s understandable- like when we’re going out for a walk and he wants to get moving. Or when we’re waiting for a meal and he wants faster preparation. Or when a delivery guy arrives. Or when he feels like he wants a biscuit. Or he wants EVERYONE to go to bed. Or when the Warden is reading and he just looks at her and barks. Like he wants a summary of what she has read. Or heaven forbid she’s in the shower too long. He must work for the Department of the Environment measuring water usage. He starts barking for her to come out. Those barking messages are clear. But sometimes he barks – just because.

Yet one more reason we don’t go to dog parks.

In other news in Canada:


Pretty enticing idea. The community is trying to show it is dog friendly. Which is a good thing. But will tourists really go there so they can push Fido around in the one stroller they have designated for this initiative? As the Warden’s teachers would say to her about an assignment: “nice effort.” But I’m thinking they might need a BIT more in the way of dog-friendly amenities. Like the trails they mention. Plus something like free biscuits would be a big draw for me. I think they need me on their marketing team.

Oh and one other story – that we must not forget. Bobi turned 31! Yup, Bobi, a dog in Portugal became the Guinness World record holder for the oldest living dog.


Bobi’s owners credit his longevity to the fact that he is fed human food and he lives a rural lifestyle. He looks pretty good in the videos I’ve seen. Although – just between you and me – I do think Bobi is carrying a few extra lbs. You know those photos in the Vet’s office that show what a dog should look like when you view them from above? And how you should be able to see a waist? Yeah well Bobi doesn’t exactly have one. Just sayin”. Yet another reason why I need more biscuits…So I’ll live to 31. Make it 32. So I can break the record.

OK. Almost time to get the Warden moving. Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe. JBJ.

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