The week in review

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here – reporting that my first few days of age 3 have been pretty good. The birthday included a trip to the pet store – and some extra treats. The other guys got some too – because it’s nice to share. That’s what the Warden says anyway.

Had class on Friday and I was a touch above mediocre. However, the day before, I did some additional training and well, my stand for exam would never have passed in a trial. Two unfamiliar volunteers approached me, and I first sniffed them and basically spun around. Not good. Back to the glued feet. Just kidding – although that might work.

Yesterday was Go Birding Day – so we all did our part…

The geese made a big racket when we first appeared, but then they got kind of curious and started coming closer. Maybe they thought the Warden would feed them. She didn’t, of course- because she said she doesn’t think tame geese would be such a good idea. Ever see the “leftovers” when geese have been by? They could almost use dog poop bags. They make one mess!

The Warden did something yesterday that was PROBABLY a bit early. She mowed the lawn in the front yard. She’s a bit obsessed about leaves and ticks now – so she wanted to pulverize whatever leaves were there. She didn’t do our back yard yet – but she did weed whack along the fence – and any particularly high patches of grass. But before she mows, she needs to fill some of our excavation sites. She figures she can use some of the soil from the old garden boxes that she isn’t using. As you may recall, she had a brilliant garden her first year – but that was BEFORE I got here. And BEFORE she fenced the yard. When the area was fenced and yours truly arrived , those boxed gardens became like kids’ sandboxes – but we aren’t kids and it wasn’t sand. It was our inaugural excavation project. There was no bumper crop of tomatoes that year. So then she moved the boxes to an area outside the fence. Good idea, right? Nah. She moved them before the leaves came out – and when they did- the area was too shady. So now she just figures she’ll use some of that soil to fill our excavation sites. Does anyone see the humor in this? Sure- she can fill and seed those areas – but does she really think we won’t dig them up?! Maybe she can lay fencing over them. That will look very attractive. No worries if she does solve the problem. There are PLENTY of spots left to dig.

What else….Oh! The Warden told us we are getting a surprise tonight. WHAT could it be?! Treats? New toys? A car ride? It better not be baths. Her idea of a surprise can sometimes be a bit warped.

Well, time to wake up the geese. And the neighborhood. We DO get a bit excited when we go out for our morning walks. Hey – we’re just being joyful for the new day. Try it some time. JBJ. Just be joyful!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe. JBJ.

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