We’re not in Kansas anymore

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here to tell you all about my morning with the Borzoi Babes. And our introduction to Dorothy…..

So those who do competitive dog sports know that concentration and attention are key to a good performance. If your canine kid is busy sniffing the ground, or looking at the spectators or other dogs or butterflies, it CAN affect how well you do. So in order to work with “distractions,” the Warden had an idea. She would see if she could find Dorothy…

Don’t ask me WHY the Warden had Dorothy – and why she’s been hidden in a closet for 25 years. By the way- Dorothy is a doll. She looks kinda like a little girl and is about 2 feet tall.

I had never seen Dorothy before – and until we got to the training center I didn’t even know she existed. The Warden had dug her out of a closet and put her in a big black garbage bag. So we came in with her – but I just thought the bag had more training supplies. You wouldn’t believe the stuff she carries in to each class – 90% of which she never uses. Anyway, we were doing our training and all was going great. And then Norma and the Warden set up an obedience ring – complete with gates and chairs for spectators. And while Chloe and I weren’t watching- they put Dorothy in a seat next to the ring….(Chievie wasn’t doing practice yesterday- so she wasn’t part of the “fun…”)

Chloe was first to do a full run through of a routine – with the Warden acting as judge. She pranced into the ring – and didn’t notice Dorothy at first. But Dorothy did catch her eye when she began her heeling routine and Chloe’s eyes got wide. She looked over her shoulder as she passed Dorothy by. Norma worked hard to reward Chloe for not paying attention to the quiet little kid, and after a minute or two, Chloe ignored the non-breathing distraction.

Then it was my turn for a run through. I never even noticed her. At all. That was until we did the stay exercises – and Dorothy was planted between us. That’s when I actually realized she was in the room. And boy oh boy, was I interested in checking her out.

The Warden told me to “leave it” but I couldn’t help staring at her. Chloe was giving her a good stare down too, but she didn’t require the multiple “leave it” commands that I did. Somehow I made it through the sit, and when we did the down stay, both Chloe and I lost interest in the frozen child.

Norma and the Warden thought this was great “ fun” said they have some other ideas for distractions – some of which may involve Dorothy – as well as some other “beings” from the closet downstairs. I think I need to go and check out that closet…

Stay tuned for more adventures with Dorothy and friends….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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