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Happy Thursday blogaroos! Squirmy here as we finish the last minute, never-ending vacuuming before our guest arrives. It’s a futile exercise- but the Warden keeps trying. She has threatened to shave off all of our coats so we look like xylophones. Wait. Make that Xoloitzcuintles. Mexican hairless dogs. Not funny.

Yesterday we had a little visit from our favorite ricochet target and all around great peep – Joanie! She was in town and paid us a visit. And guess what she said about me?! She said I’m becoming more cuddly! And I wasn’t ricocheting as much! Mind you, I did attempt to bite her a few times – not mean bites – just love nibbles. But she did think I was maturing. Guess I fooled her! She did comment that I am a clown though… The Warden wanted to show Joanie some new rugs she got in the bedroom and – Joanie witnessed me race into the bedroom , leap onto the bed – and throw myself into a roll – with my feet flailing. I would then quickly sit up- look to see if I had an audience- and would do a repeat performance. She thinks I’m hysterical. Or I have a screw loose.

So I was reviewing the news, and I have a question. Who has been to 2 Super Bowls, the Indianapolis 500, and NCAA Championship football game and the Special Olympics World Games? Eebber! A TSA bomb-sniffing dog – who just retired after 10 years of service. Check out his story:

Pretty cool dude! And a pretty long-working dog. Glad to see he can now relax and just sniff out biscuits at home. Works for me!

So there’s apparently a viral video of a bad dog going around. Check him out:

The Warden can totally relate to this story. Sounds like something one of us would do. In addition to the stall tactic that the woman had to deal with, you’ll notice that she is dressed up for the occasion. On the rare occasion that The Warden gets dressed up to go out, we find it critical to examine her attire. Especially the Coyote. Like the bomb sniffing dog, he must sniff any new outfit. Plus dresses and skirts are for wiping one’s face. The Warden has been known to toss biscuits on the floor to distract him so she can get out the door without being slobbered.

We know all about the right of refusal to move – particularly if a human is in a hurry. Or in the middle of the kitchen floor when meal preparation is occurring. OR if the Warden needs to wash our paws or groom us. Yesterday I got a good brushing- and as soon as I emerged from the grooming torture palace, the Boss took one look at me and took off. He figured it was his turn. He can wedge himself under furniture pretty well.

Well, time to chase and bark at the vacuum one more time.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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