Hey blogaroos! It’s Squirmy here on yet another Fantastic Friday. The end of the week for working humans (as opposed to leisure humans like the Warden) and the beginning of the weekend. And it APPEARS we are going to be having a goooood weekend. We have company arriving!

I’m not sure exactly when. Judging by the lack of obsessive dusting and vacuuming, I’m thinking it’s not tomorrow. When you are owned by dogs, there is no point in dusting or vacuuming until minutes before guests arrive. Even when you do finish the final preparations, it’s inevitable that as you open the door to guests, a fur ball will roll by.

And in our house, no doubt just before the car is heard in the driveway, someone will be out peeing on the plastic chairs on the deck. We’re not SUPPOSED to pee on the deck – but all it takes is one of us to break the rule (and it’s usually the Coyote) and we ALL must march by and follow suit. It’s kinda mandatory canine behavior. Pee mail. Drives the Warden bonkers. She comes rushing out with her giant spray bottle which is mixed with water, detergent and vinegar. So then the deck smells like a clean French fry. Or something.

Anyway – Sue and Keith are coming for a visit. They are coming from their island on the Titanic. Wait. The Boss said it’s not the Titanic. He said it’s a fairy. No wait. A ferry. Anyway – it’s a boat. Wonder if they’ll do any fishing?

Hey – with three people here you know what that means?! Three dogs going for a walk at once!!! Total chaos. I CANNOT WAIT.

The Warden keeps threatening to tie Swiffer cloths to our feet to help clean the floors. And she said no ripping out each other’s coats for 24 hours. What the heck are we supposed to do to entertain ourselves while she’s busy cleaning?! Just lounge in front of the fan? Watching our fur balls fly by?

Well I had better go and get my fetch toys all ready. Two willing victims will soon be here. I mean pitchers…

This is going to be FUN!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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