Mish mash

Hey hey hey blogaroos. Squirmy here on another marvelous Monday. There’s sunshine in the forecast, and the lawn mowing was done on the weekend- so things are looking great.

We are adjusting to life without Aunt Sue, although the Coyote was so depressed he didn’t eat for a day after she left. Seriously. He moped around, looking all depressed. And he ate a tiny bit of breakfast, but no supper. I wanted to help him out, being the considerate guy that I am – but no such luck. Anyway, his attention span is pretty short – so by yesterday he was spending time watching butterflies, and he forgot she had even been here. He then ate all his meals.

Today is the birthday of Helen Keller, and although we shared this before, we figure it’s worth a repeat. It talks about her love for dogs:


How amazing that although she couldn’t see or hear her canine companions, she could feel their presence and communicate with them on a whole different level. We dogs are magical that way.

What else….oh – I had a successful GBH yesterday morning. I added 14 balls to my collection. And that was a short walk on 3 holes. There’s lots of bad golfers out there. Lots.

I get pretty good exercise when I’m racing around in the woods. But honestly- I get even more exercise during the day. Am I the only dog on the planet who gets up every time his human moves? I mean every time. If the Warden goes to another room, I follow her. If she heads for the garage, I’m on her heels. Checking food for dinner? I’m there with my head in the fridge. Vacuuming? I’m jumping around the machine. Putting laundry in the machine? I’m there to be sure she uses the right washer settings. Same with the dishwasher. She won’t let me in the bathroom- but not to worry – I’m right outside the door waiting. If she is so rude as to go in the DFZ – I stare at her through the gate. Or I rattle it. What can I say? I’m attached to her. Like morning dew on a flower. Or icing on a birthday cake. Or dog hair on a fleece jacket. Or a cling on.

Good thing I’m so darn adorable.

Anyway – time to get the week rolling!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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