Call me PONcasso

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here on the first day of summer. It’s also the longest day of the year. More time to torment my “brothers”, the Warden and Aunt Sue.

Although, sadly, today Aunt Sue will be returning to Newfoundland. The tomatoes need her. And probably Keith as well.

She’s likely excited to be going home – the Warden has been giving her so many projects she is probably looking forward to having some rest and relaxation when she gets home.

On Sunday, she and the Warden did the worst annual household project. They scraped the deck in preparation for painting. Besides cleaning grout, deck painting is the Warden’s worst nightmare. She had started the scraping part before Aunt Sue arrived, and the deck looked sufficiently pitiful- so much so that Aunt Sue suggested they work on it together. I’m sure she regretted that offer.

For several hours, we boys were sequestered in the house and not allowed out on the deck – where we heard scraping, sanding, pounding and lots of moaning and groaning. The Boss intermittently shouted out instructions.

In the middle of the afternoon, the Warden let us boys out the lower level patio door, to hang out in the yard. She had carefully blocked the stairs to the deck with a gate and an assortment of lawn chairs. We examined the barrier and proceeded to instead, dig holes in the lawn. At least the Coyote and I did. The Boss went back inside after a pee.

After all the prep work on the deck was done, they decided to start painting. They were doing a few boards at a time – with each of them starting at opposite ends of the deck and working toward each other. Aunt Sue was working closest to the barricaded stairwell.

She was busy painting her end and the Warden was brushing away at her end. Suddenly, Aunt Sue looked up- and what did she see? Well surprise – she was about 6 inches from my face!!! Which meant I had silently breached the barricade, snuck up the stairs and I was proudly standing in the area she had painted minutes ago. “Aaaagggghhhhhhh” she screamed. The Warden saw what was happening and shouted “go downstairs!!!!!” I wasn’t wearing a collar, yet somehow Aunt Sue was able to usher me down the deck stairs while still holding onto a paintbrush. She’s not even sure how she did it – all the time while the Warden was repeatedly shouting “go down; go down.” Aunt Sue had to break through the barricade at the bottom of the stairs – because I left no clue about my entry point. She escorted me onto the lawn. Meanwhile, the Warden ran inside, down the stairs and out the lower patio door to examine my paws. As luck would have it ( a LOT of luck) I only had two small patches of paint on the hair on the bottom of my feet – which were an attractive rust color. She whisked me into the garage and onto the grooming table. She snipped away my new paint tattoos- including one on the back of my neck. They figured I got that while being ushered down the stairs with the paintbrush OR when they spilled a bit of paint and I ran under the deck for a better view.

They didn’t finish painting before dusk and planned to finish the first coat yesterday. But – it rained unexpectedly in the morning- so they couldn’t complete the job. If there are any volunteers in the area when we have a stretch of several sunny days in the forecast, feel free to come on down. The Warden supplies the paintbrushes and I supply the entertainment.

Meanwhile, while I was busy running through paint and looking like a ragamuffin, my full sister from a different litter, won the prestigious Best of Breed at the Westminster Kennel Club show yesterday!!! Yup – my little sister took home the purple and gold ribbon!! So she’ll be in the judging for the Herding group tonight. Watch for her – her name is Szyszka! It’s great to have a winner in the family. While I’m working on developing my paw painting skills.

We wish Aunt Sue could stay longer -,but she’ll be back in August. We’re going to miss her and I’m certain she’ll miss us too. Maybe not the projects – but us boys for sure!

Time to take her on a walk. She doesn’t leave until tonight- so plenty of time to have a few good ricochets

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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