Company. And a project.

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy Wormy here on a terrific Thursday. So our “company” arrived on Tuesday. And no – it wasn’t a kitten or a puppy. The Warden said that whoever it was who said they hoped it was a puppy, needs to spend a week here. They would understand why the possibility of 4 dogs in this house would be considered total, complete, absolute insanity. So needless to say – it wasn’t a puppy or a parrot.

Nope. Even better. A llama!!!! Just kidding. It’s “Aunt Sue” – the Warden’s sister – who is here from Newfoundland. Keith didn’t come this time – but they will both be back in August. He stayed home to look after the tomatoes.

When she arrived we all took turns mauling her. Actually that’s not correct. We all mauled her at the same time. She was equally thrilled to see us. Or at least I think she was.

So she arrives for a week of rest and relaxation, and what was the first thing she and the Warden did? Why they wallpapered the little bathroom! Remember the new toilet and sink? The Warden planned to wallpaper the room before Sue arrived but it’s a good thing she didn’t try. It definitely wasn’t a one person, 3 dog operation. In fact, all of us canines had to be blocked by a gate to keep us out of the bathroom. I’m here to tell you that we observed the spectacle from a safe distance. There’s a reason the half dozen YouTube videos they watched beforehand never actually showed the details in how to start applying peel and stick wallpaper in a corner. Let’s just say the ripping sound as they repeatedly removed the paper from the wall (because it had creases) became rather annoying. There sure were a lot of four-letter words used – and an equal amount of hysterical laughter. At several points we heard “OH OH OH OH NOOOOO,” when the sticky paper stuck to itself. And their fingers got caught as well. The Warden said it was like an episode from I Love Lucy. Whatever that meant.

One video said to start the wallpaper project and plan to complete it in one day. I think that’s because if you don’t, the next day you’ll probably plan on removing the wall instead of attempting more papering. At one point they had three ladders in the room which is the size of a closet. They also had an assortment of tape measures, rulers and protractors and some sharp tools that looked particularly dangerous.

After several hours they took a break to eat supper. And that’s when they added alcohol to the mix. I’m not sure that it helped. Finally by 10:30 they were finished. They stood and stared at their masterpiece. Oh. Did I neglect to mention they only did one wall? That was the plan. They were SO pleased with their work. We tried to look excited for them. Eight hours to apply 4 strips of wallpaper. It must be a new world record. And I’m not talking speedy.

Yesterday we all got great walks in the morning and I demonstrated my GBH skills. The girls had a little drive in the afternoon, and we boys stayed home. We were just grateful for the peace and quiet after the paperpolooza the day before.

Well, almost time for another jaunt and GBH. Just hoping the girls don’t have any more projects planned for today. It’s too painful to watch…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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