Howdy doody blogaroos. Squirmy here on a sunny Sunday. After a rainy Saturday. Luckily we got up early yesterday and we each had short walks – before the skies opened and the invisible cats and dogs came down.

So what the heck is new around here….Oh yeah – the visitors have arrived and it’s not even June yet. Almost – but not yet. Who are the visitors? Well let’s just say, when these visitors come in the house, all heck breaks loose. They even freaked me out….

The Warden was in the DFZ the other night. The Boss and I had done our after-supper training sessions and we were sufficiently tired. Not that they go on THAT long – but we work hard for treats. I figured out a couple of weeks ago, that when the Boss goes downstairs to do his training session, if I run out the deck door and down the stairs, I can watch them from outside. And the other night, the Coyote joined me as well.

The Boss ignores us when he’s training. Completely. He just wants to work. Anyway, he did his thing. And then it was my turn. And guess what? The Boss decided to copy MY move and when he was put upstairs, he ran out to watch us. By this point, though, the Coyote was bored – so he was asleep upstairs.

After our training sessions, the Warden said we should take a break, and she went to scroll Wastebook on her phone. It was now getting dark – and the busted screen on the deck door was still open. Hey – it’s our dog door. We made it so we can go it and out whenever we want. Anyway, she’s a scrollin’ and she hears this buzzzzz- thump, buzzzzzzz-thump, buzzzzzz- thump sound. She looks up and ewwwwwwwwwww – a June bug was throwing himself against the walls, the ceiling, and a pole lamp. Like some large drunken walnut with legs and wings. I watched The Warden moved faster than when the Coyote escaped and she was trying to catch him. She screamed and raced out of the DFZ. Meanwhile- she saw yours truly looking totally shell shocked. Because it seems the first June bug came to the indoor party with a friend. He was on the carpet – near the pawcrafted screen dog door. I was just staring at him. The Warden decided to send him to June Bug heaven first- and did so with a wad of paper towel that probably breaks some environmental waste law. She didn’t care. But now- where was the original culprit? Well – I guess all that self-imposed banging on walls and lights gave him a concussion- because he was on the floor right at the entrance to the DFZ. Another wad of paper towel sent him to the afterlife. We just hope he doesn’t haunt us.

I’m not even sure why the June Bugs are here – it’s still May!!! All I know is that the glass door in front of the pawcrafted screen door now gets closed after dark.

What else? I had class on Friday and I was average. Not stellar (despite ALL our homework) but not a total dork either. I’m OK with that. Bottom line is I LOOKED cute.

OK. Time for a GOOD walk since we have no rain in the forecast. I think it might be a perfect morning for a GBH. I’ll let you know how I do. Suit me up!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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