Geek day

Greetings blog aficionados. Frodo here on this auspicious day – Geek Pride Day. The day has also been called Nerd Pride Day. I think there is no coincidence that I have been selected as the blog writer today. It’s a day when quirky intellectuals like me are celebrated for our uniqueness and our breadth of knowledge on a variety of subjects. I take no shame in being called Einstein. I’m smart. And I know it.

While PONs did not make the Top 10 list for intelligence, I question the methodology in this article. No doubt our overall numbers are lower in the population- therefore I doubt we were well represented in this research.

While I appreciate the opinion of Good Housekeeping (he said tongue in cheek), I believe the information presented by the AKC provides a broader review of breed intellect.

If you read about the Polish Lowland Sheepdog, you will note that we ARE described as being clever, confidant and a bit stubborn. I resent the “stubborn” descriptor- I believe a better word is impatient. For example, at times I bark. Incessantly. And it’s not because I like to hear myself, or I’m being stubborn. Instead I do so because I lack patience with Her Highness when she doesn’t perform a task quickly enough. A perfect example is at mealtime. I’m not “stubbornly barking” – I’m simply providing instruction and encouragement so that she might serve my meal more quickly.

I felt the overall description of the PON was quite good. I must confess I was rather shocked when I read that they viewed the Picard as “super-smart”. Perhaps they are – but they don’t always choose to demonstrate that intelligence. At least that’s my observation. Why any dog would stand and stare at a robin on the lawn for minutes, while they could instead, be responding to their name being called , is inconceivable to me. Does he not understand that when one comes when called, one gets a treat? Not super-smart if you ask me. I must challenge him to a chess game to see who wins. Then again, the Imp would probably be chewing the pieces. So maybe intelligence varies within breeds. I proudly represent the PON Geek faction.

Before I close and go to do my daily Wordle puzzle, allow me to share a good news story. It seems the world can be heavy at times – so one might need a story like this to lift one up. You’re welcome.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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