Birthday adventures

Howdy blogaroos!!! It’s two year old Squirmy here! Yup – I’m a big boy now. Sort of. I still have lots of puppy-like behaviors and I’m going to milk that for as long as I can.

My birthday was spectacular. I went to the pet store…

And picked out about a dozen toys I would like to shred. In the end I got a tug toy, which is a bit boring as I only get to play with it while I’m with the Warden. She doesn’t trust that I won’t destroy it if left to my own devices. Good decision.

Because it was my birthday, and because the Warden had registered my name on the store’s website (so they can send us 15 emails a day), I could get a FREE birthday treat. I had a choice between one big, nicely decorated birthday biscuit, or a bag of little biscuits. Ironically, although it was MY birthday, the Warden chose for me. She said the bag of little biscuits would be perfect so I could share with my brothers. I’m not exactly sure I would have chosen the same option, but I suppose it IS the nice thing to do. Here I am with my bag:

After the shopping extravaganza (one store was enough for me), guess where I went? To the beach!!! I had never been to this little beach before – which was awesome because it was just me and the Warden. I’m used to lake water, but the whole ocean waves thing was a BIT overwhelming at first. But I got over it, although I had no intention of getting wet. I posed for some photos…

And even did a selfie with the Warden!

I tried to eat a bone I found lodged between two rocks – but was discouraged from doing so, because the Warden wasn’t sure that was such a good idea. Who knows what the bone was from. We didn’t keep it…

So it was a great day. Shared biscuits with my brothers – because it WAS the nice thing to do – and relaxed for the evening. I can’t WAIT for my next birthday!

Hey did you know today is International Guide Dog Day? A day to honor those hard working canines who go above and beyond to assist their human partners. Here are two short animated films about Guide Dogs. Try not to cry. Like the Warden.

Yeah – I’m not thinking anybody in this household would pass the Guide Dog test. I don’t think incessant barking, ricocheting or not responding to your own name are behaviors that are appreciated in Guide Dogs. It’s OK – we provide a different type of assistance to our human – guardians against dangerous bunnies and birds, creators of unique olfactory art on windows, and cleaners of accidental food spills. We also are collectors of foliage which can be used in crafts. These are just a few of our skills.

OK. Time to enjoy another day!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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