Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here on another wonderful Wednesday.

Today is National Puppy Day. And we’re getting a new puppy!!! Just joking. Did you choke on your coffee? Yeah – the only puppy coming any time soon to this house would be stuffed. And we would promptly attempt to de-stuff him.

Anyway, in honor of National Puppy Day, we’re stealing a quiz from Viktor’s blog that was written like 6 years ago. You might remember it if you’re a long time reader. We didn’t. So we’re stealing it. See what you know about puppies:

1. Puppies can’t see, hear or smell when they are born. True or False

2. When a puppy is born, 60% of his time is spent sleeping and 40% is spent eating. True or False

3. Puppies are delivered about how many days after conception?

A) 22
B) 36
C) 63
D) 94

4.   A puppy’s first sense of smell begins at:

A)  1 week

B)  3 weeks

C)  6 weeks

D) 9 weeks

5.   Puppies can begin learning commands:

A) at 8 weeks

B) at 12 weeks

C) at 6 months

D) whenever they feel like learning

6. Most Dalmation puppies are born solid white, and their spots develop at around 10 days old. True or False

7. Puppies have 28 puppy teeth and adult dogs have 42 teeth. True or False

8.   What does socializing your puppy mean?

A) Teaching your puppy to greet people nicely

B) Making sure your puppy can tolerate large groups of people

C) Letting your puppy play with other dogs

D) Exposing your puppy to as many new people, animals and experiences as possible

9.   What is the primary reason why socializing is very important?

A) Preventing fears in adult dogs

B) Teaching a puppy how to greet people nicely

C)  Preventing a puppy from nipping and mouthing

D) Making the adult dog more intelligent

10. When do responsible breeders start socializing their puppies?

A) As soon as the puppies’ eyes open

B) At birth

C) As soon as the puppies start to walk

D) As soon as the puppies are weaned

11. At what age do many dog experts believe is the optimal age for a socialization program?

A)  2-8 weeks

 B) 24-32 weeks

 C) 16-24 weeks

D) 7-16 weeks

12.  According to dog behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar, how many different people should a puppy meet between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks?

A)  At least 100

B)  At least 50

C)  At least 1000

D) At least 25

Aren’t we puppies amazing?   Let’s see what you know about us:

1.    True

2.    False – we actually sleep 90% of the time and eat 10% of the time.  But I doubt that is true for PONs…we ALWAYS like to eat…

3.    C

4.    B

5.    A

6.    True

7.    True

8.    D

9.    A

10.  B

11.   D

12. A

Today is also Cuddly Kitten Day. And guess what? We’re not getting a kitten. The Warden is not caving on that one either. The woman has no sense of adventure. Not much else new here. The Boss had a horrible day yesterday. He was groomed. Not even the full meal deal- it was what the Warden calls a cursory brushing. She didn’t do his nails – the brushing was enough. He’s such a drama king. But he rebounds immediately when he is off the grooming table.

Well time to rock and roll. Speaking of rolling, here I am trying to enjoy the last of the snow pile. I’m looking a bit disheveled – because I didn’t get my grooming yesterday. Plus snow rolling will do that to you…


Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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