St. Patrick’s Day

Hey blogaroos! Happy St. Paddy’s Day! You can bet your lucky charms the pubs in Halifax will be celebrating today. After the Great Pause, people are ready for some corned beef and green beer. The boys in this house would be just as happy to eat green grass, if we could find some.

The Warden didn’t even ATTEMPT to get a photo of the three of us wearing festive shamrocks. She did get some individual shots starting with yours truly. I’m adorable. What can I say?

And then there’s the Boss- who always looks good…

But then along comes the Coyote. First he looks like his bow tie is too tight…

Then he looks downright mad…

Here he’s kinda sneering…

And once the headgear is added…well it’s just pitiful…

That’s why we only had skimpy shamrock scarves for the group shot. Which I immediately pulled off. It was chaos. Here the Coyote was trying to hide behind me…

Looks like we all spotted a leprechaun. The Warden managed to get the Coyote to put his ears up by hurling toys over her shoulder. That was entertaining.

The Boss and the Warden were doing some “project” yesterday downstairs in the rec room. It wasn’t crafts – the Boss doesn’t do crafts. Anyway, it’s all secret – I have no idea what it’s all about. As soon as I know what’s happening, I’ll be sure to tell you. I’m not a good secret keeper.

Enjoy your St Patrick’s Day. Today everybody is Irish – even us Polish and French dogs. May you find the pot at the end of the rainbow and may it be filled with dog treats!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.


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