The UB

Howdy doody blogaroos! Squirmy Wormy here on a super Saturday. Actually, according to the crazy calendar, today is National Fetch Day. Yup – a day to play a favorite game with us canines. And when The Warden saw that, she started laughing. She said it’s ironic that it happens to be today – because she had to set up an “emergency” training session with my coach Jane today. Because I’m having a BIT of a fetching problem!

You see, I love to play fetch. I’ll play with balls and bumpers. And I’ll fetch Tuggie wherever it is. Just say “Where’s Tuggie”, and I’ll race to find it and bring it back. So I’m a fetching machine. BUT- I DO have a fetching quirk. The UB or the unintelligent bell. More commonly and politically incorrectly known as the dumbbell. I will NOT fetch it. Let alone pick it up. The other night, the Warden tried everything in her power to get me to take that UB in my mouth. She begged. She tried to put it in my mouth for even a second. I kept my jaws clenched so tight – it was impossible. She played fetch with the Boss as I watched. She tossed the UB for him and he brought it back every time. She played tug with him and the UB. And I watched. And when it was my turn again, she revved me all up and tossed the UB. I ran right towards it, jumped over it and went to sniff the sofa. Epic fail. It was at that point that the Warden contacted the coach for help. We’ll see what happens- we go to class early this morning.

Meanwhile, I did do something amazing yesterday. The Boss and I were headed out for a game of fetch ( with bumpers) and as the Warden opened the front door, yours truly spotted a rabbit on the front lawn. I took off like a shot and off we went into the woods. The Warden shouted my name thinking it was hopeless. But guess what? I came back as quickly as I went. So I CAN be obedient. If I feel like it.

OK I had better go and get ready. The cheese is already sliced. Wish me luck!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe!

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