She’s leaving

Howdy doody blogaroos. Squirmy Wormy here. And holy moly am I shockarooed. My Enforcer has left us! All alone. For over a week!!!

OK. That’s kinda a fib. But she IS going away today – for her sister, Sue and Keith’s wedding- in Oldlostland. Wait. The Boss said that’s wrong. It’s Newfoundland. Whatever. All I know is that we weren’t invited. Personally, I think we would have made brilliant flowerdogs. But like I wouldn’t have wanted to fly there, which she is doing, and driving takes like a week. You have to take a ferry and drive and drive and drive. Imagine how long it would take with all of us wanting to stop and pee. So I guess it’s just as well we didn’t go.

But not to worry- we won’t be alone. We have a NEW dogsitter coming to live with us. We’ve met her twice and she seems nice. She did attempt to get the Boss to stop barking by telling him to be quiet. Ummmm….I hope My Enforcer told her not to waste her breath. Getting him to stop barking would be like stopping waves in the ocean. It ain’t going to happen. She’ll see….

Anyway, we’ve been told to be on our best behavior. That’s a stretch, but we’ll try. Wonder how trainable she is….

So we’ll be running some blog re-runs while My Enforcer is away. Just like popular TV shows in the summer months. Some of these re-runs are before my time. They were written by Viktor. It’s kinda spooky how similar we are….

OK. Time to try one more time to sneak in My Enforcer’s suitcase. Just kidding- the guys said we’ll be fine -AND we get something called guilt gifts when My Enforcer comes back! I’m hoping for a Mercedes.

Gotta go!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “She’s leaving

  1. It would be fun if Squirmy could let us in on some of the interesting moments in the days ahead when the new dogsitter is around. By the way, I’m wondering what Squirmy means when he says he is hoping for a Mercedes…


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