Happy birthday!!!

Howdy blogees. Elroy here. And I’m pretty excited. Well. As excited as I get. I’ve turned into a pretty laid back kinda guy. Who would ever have thought it?! Anyway, today I’m celebrating my 5th birthday!!!!! Her Highness doesn’t know where the time has gone- it seems like yesterday I looked like this…

Since my last birthday, we added the Shaggy Shark to our family. Who can forget these early videos of me with the little monster:



I was pretty darn patient with the needle toothed whirlwind- and I still am today. We DO get into some pretty crazy Humpty Dumpty playing – and sometimes Her Highness has to break us up. Yeah – we DO get a bit over the top at times. And given that each of us has been on crate rest once since he arrived due to muscle injuries, Her Highness monitors our play and calls it off once it goes beyond a slow boil. She’s too paranoid. She needs to chill more. Like me.

Over the last year I’ve decided that food is OK. I eat everything in my bowl now – AND I eat blueberries again. I went off them for awhile. No particular reason. Just a Picardecision. Yup. We Picards decide we like or don’t like something- and that’s that. But we can change our minds a few weeks or months later. We also have our own “rules” for games. Fetch? We MIGHT bring the object back the first time, just so you humans think we know the game. But after that it’s anybody’s guess what we’ll do. Same thing with those “find it” games. The mops get all trembly and excited about looking for some stinky stuffed toy. Me? It’s kind of a silly game. I might play along for a bit, but I get bored quickly. Repetition is NOT a useful word in my vocabulary. Yawn.

I am proud to say that walking me on a leash is now a pleasure. Unless I see a deer, or lately a bunny – then I do have a tendency to go bananas. Speaking of which, I’ll eat them too. Bananas. Not bunnies.

If I see a neighbor, I might pull to say hello, and attempts at jumping are not off the table yet. But at least I don’t go CRAZY and bark like the mop maniacs. Those two are crazy. With Her Highness apologizing for their insane behavior. But I’m the “good” dog. I like everyone.

So we’ll see what kind of party I’ll have today. I’ve decided that bully sticks are fabulous- so MAYBE there will be one waiting for me.

Here are just a FEW of the 5000 shots of me taken just in the past year. I’m getting a BIT better at posing, but it’s still not my favorite thing to do. I’d rather roll on the lawn. And eat grass.

There are lots of shots of me and the Shark.

Oh and you’ll see photos of me and some of my friends. I’m what they call “dog friendly.” Although I will attempt to hump even my friends if allowed to. Hey – it’s just a fun game!

He looks innocent- but I knew he was planning an attack.
The calm before the storm
Shark blooper
Puppies are cute she said…here he’s trying to kill me.
My chance to decapitate him, and I didn’t.
He looks sweet here. Looks can be deceiving.
When Her Highness told us the Shark was staying…
When Her Highness sat down to read a book…
My Beach Bum shot
My girlfriend Willow
My Sheltie buds
A calm shot. I think this was before the Shark arrived….
We killed this ball. Really. It’s gone to ball heaven.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday!!!

  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Elroy!! Love the pics of you enjoying those nice views. You look like you’re deep in thought in those pics. I also like the cute pic of you on the floor with your paws raised up Were you waiting for a belly rub? 😊


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