Hey hey hey blogaroos. Squirmy Wormy here. For your entertainment. Because that’s what I am. An entertainer. One ball of a crazy, wild entertaining whirlwind wrapped up in a leash. Yup that’s me!

But today I get to share some educational, historical stuff. For example, if this was a Jeopardy answer, what would be the question: two Pomeranians and a Pekingese. Give up? The question would be: What dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic? Really. That’s a fact. And I bring it up because on this day in 1912, the “unsinkable” ocean liner sank in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic. And our very own city of Halifax played a roll in the recovery effort afterwards. Sadly, we have three cemeteries that have victims buried here. Here are more details on all the canine passengers:

Frodo and Elroy have both been on cruise ships before. OK. Maybe a ferry boat isn’t the same as a cruise ship. I guess that’s a bit different, But they’ve both been sailors. Maybe I’ll get my chance this year. I’m kinda obsessed with water, and My Enforcer thinks I might enjoy swimming. While on a walk, I run to every pond and puddle and just stare at them. I didn’t go in the lake last year, but I’m thinking I will give it a try this year. When it gets a bit warmer.

What else is new? Oh – I had another rally class the other night. It was the first time that when I was told to “stay” while My Enforcer walked the course, that I actually stayed in place. I usually get up and go to read the signs by myself. Because we know My Enforcer usually gets them wrong. But anyway, this time I was told to “stay” and I did. I guess I am maturing. And I CAN behave. When I WANT to.

Well let’s see what kind of trouble , errr I mean adventures, I can have today! I hope you get to do whatever floats your boat today! I’m so funny….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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