Easter dangers….

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here to brighten your day and make you say “better her than me” – with reference to My Enforcer- and living with us three stooges.

If you’ve looked at the calendar, you know that Easter is right around the corner. But even though it’s a happy celebration, it can be a dangerous time for us dogs. This article reviews the things that are bad news for us dogs – describing everything from the dangers of chocolate (which we all pretty much know) to the dangers of hot cross buns (if they contain raisins they are toxic to us dogs) to the dangers of eating spring bulbs and fake grass.


But in all the dangers described, there is a BIG one missing. A huge one – and yet it is very common. And we dogs generally try to avoid it at all costs. I actually didn’t know about it – but the other guys warned me about it. Here I thought the dreaded Dollar store Christmas reindeer antlers were bad. But I think these are almost worse. You know what I’m talking about. The oh-so-festive rabbit ears.

I KNEW something was up when I was called into the garage/grooming torture palace. I was still relatively fluffy and clean, given that I just had a bath on Friday – so something seemed fishy. Imagine my shock when she pulled out the giant ears. My initial reaction was to protest.

But you KNOW I can’t resist treats – headband or no headband. So I agreed to a few shots. And THEN she pulls out some “props.”

What on EARTH was she thinking with big paper eggs?! I mean REALLY – me and PAPER eggs?! That cracked me up – pun intended. Get it? Eggs? Cracked me up? Never mind. Anyway, getting me not to shred them was QUITE the adventure….

Anyway, we just did round 1 of the photo shoots. I’ll save the good results for later. That’s all My Enforcer could endure for the day. We still have the other guys to shoot and then the infamous trio shots. Good luck with that. Better pull out some sirloin steaks for those photos. AND a big bottle of wine for afterward. For her. Of course.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Easter dangers….

  1. I love your Easter Pictures. Thank you for sharing them. I hope and your family has a very Happy Easter and that you get lots of Easter treats.

    Glady and the fur family.



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