Good news!

Hey blogaroos! Squirmy here on the LAST day of January! Holy moly that month went by quickly! It seems like just yesterday I was chewing on Christmas wrapping paper.

Well guess what?! OK you give up. I went to see Liz, my therapist yesterday. Not my psychotherapist- his name is Sigmund – I went to see my massage therapist about my stair running sport injury. OK. I’m joking. I don’t know a Sigmund. And stair running is not a recognized sport for dogs. Although I could maybe start it….

Anyway – back to Liz. Well. Yesterday she said she now understands how I got the nickname, Squirmy. Yup. Too many hours in my cell really helped to recharge my battery. I was on turbo speed. My Enforcer kept repeating “Just be calm. Just be calm.” All the while she had me in a death grip and was loading me with treats – so Liz could actually manipulate my legs. I was playing the role of an eel who drank six espressos.

But at the end of my session, Liz gave me the green light to return to my previous activities. Let the hump-a-thon with the Coyote begin!

My Enforcer was so pleased with the good news, she decided to take me for a little joy ride. We stopped at a hiking trail and went for a bit of a jaunt. Well – I was jaunting and she was trying to just maintain her balance as the snowy hard-packed trail was a tad icy. We walked for a bit, but when she saw a man approaching from the opposite direction – with two dogs, we did a complete 180. She had visions of yours truly taking her for a “greeting ride” on the ice – and she knew it was much more likely that she would end up injured than me. No sense of adventure.

After that, she stopped for a latte, while I got the crumbs that were in her pocket leftover from my Liz visit. Wow. Big treat.

After that we stopped at the world famous Peggy’s Cove lighthouse. The sky was blue – BUT the temperature was cold – and the gale force winds were FREEZING. Still, she managed to get me to sit for some obligatory photos….

When we got home, the Coyote was overjoyed to know that hump-a-thons could now resume. OK. My Enforcer doesn’t REALLY endorse that behavior. Like that would stop us.

So hallelujah- I’m free again! Yes – I’ll be careful. Lesson learned. Bwhahahaha. Who am I kidding?! Let the ricocheting off humans, animals and walls begin again! Squirmy is back!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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