The vet visit

Salutations readers. It is Frodo. Owner of the veterinary parking lot. Actually owner of any parking lot in which my car is parked…

Yesterday, my day began with a bath. I can’t think of a more horrible way to begin the day. Well perhaps the day could be worse if it was raining and we were out of dog food. Still – it was quite an unwelcome surprise and a definite clue that something was afoot. Yours truly had an appointment with the vet. I was feeling completely fine – but her highness wanted to get a “wellness” check for me. She also wanted to check about a lump I have been sporting on my side since probably pre pandemic. It hasn’t caused any problems, and has not grown – but she thought it best that it be checked.

We arrived early for our appointment, and had to wait in Ludwig as the vet office still does not offer waiting room space since the Great Pause. Which is fine with her highness as she prefers to leave me in the vehicle at the best of times. We’ve discussed zombies in the waiting room before- and of course, I always feel I own the waiting room which can be a bit disruptive depending on seating arrangements – so it’s just easier to wait in Ludwig.

Thankfully Ludwig is air conditioned- so I was able to relax in cool comfort. I suppose the word “relax “ is a bit of a stretch. I do tend to pant and worry about being at the vet – the whole Orb Ordeal has left a lasting impression.

Her highness was probably equally stressed because although she knows I am always well mannered – she does like to see everything that is going on. And of course, she believes it is critical to bore our very patient vets with insignificant observations about everything that I do. They are VERY patient with her.

While waiting my turn, I was sure to warn every other dog who arrived that I was there FIRST. As I said, I own the waiting room and the parking lot.

As predicted, I was very well mannered with the vet – and saints be praised, got a clean bill of health. My lump goes by an ominous sounding, but completely benign, name called a lipoma. Her highness was thrilled to hear that. I’m good for another 10,000 km. Or 6124 miles in the US.

Today will be another day where I situate myself in front of the fan. We had a few days of respite from the heat but it is back again. I am fairly certain the Beatnik will be going for a swim with his new long line. Her highness will be sure to take photos. Of course. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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