Tsk ticks

Yo readers. Elroy the herder here. OK – so my recent lesson wasn’t my most brilliant. I still TRIED. Just wait until next time.

Meanwhile, here at home, we no longer want to be around her highness. For several reasons. #1 She is going to make our well run dry. #2 She has bugs.

Let’s start with #1. Since we are getting warmer weather, and the grass is growing more, she seems to be forever mowing. OK. That’s a lie. She’s not mowing grass. She’s mowing weeds. Most of our lawn is weeds because she refuses to put any chemicals on it – because of us. She feels those things are dangerous. So we grow weeds. BUT, if you mow weeds, they are green and can almost look like grass. The key is in keeping it short. So she announces she is going to mow (like someone announcing they are about to travel across the frozen tundra in a blizzard). The chore takes 2-3 hours depending if she does all in one shot, or she breaks it into two days. Either way, she comes in and needs a shower. Big time. I mean I don’t mind the aroma of sheep poo – in fact, I’ll roll in it. But when she comes in from mowing – make room. So she has to shower – sometimes twice in one day!!!! Our well has never had a problem with water – but if she keeps this up, she could end up having to bathe in the lake. These multiple showers must stop.

As for #2. Well. The other day she decided to weed whack our path to the lake. She was wearing long pants and rubber boots- so as not to pick up any vagabond ticks. Not that we have spotted any on our property – but you never know. When she came in the house , she took off all her clothes and threw them immediately in the wash. Which is another water user. She actually looked herself over to be sure she had no ticks on her. Not that she has ever brought one in before – but one cannot be too careful. She got dressed and had to run a quick errand. She came home and made her supper. While she was eating, a friend called and they were chatting. Suddenly, her highness looked down and ewwww- a TICK was crawling on her arm near her wrist!!! She grabbed a piece of paper towel and picked him off. She went into the garage to get a closer look. Yup. A wood tick or dog tick. Mr. Tick’s life then ended.

Just the THOUGHT of having a tick on her was enough to drive her crazy. She immediately inspected me and the Boss to see if we had any relatives of the now deceased tick. Nope. We were clear.

We don’t know how the tick got on her arm. She had not been just petting us – as she was having supper. She hadn’t been in the woods for hours. She was wearing completely different clothing. HOW did he get there?! She was dreaming of ticks that night.

So that’s why we’re steering clear of her highness. Who am I kidding – we’re not REALLY staying away. We don’t care if she has ticks. Or she causes us to have no water. Neither is REALLY a serious issue. Not yet anyway.

Besides- it’s all because of US that both issues arise. I mean she keeps the weeds mowed so as not to attract ticks. Which causes the water use. And she probably got a tick in trying to keep ticks away. So all of this is really a tick problem. Not a problem with her highness.

There. Glad I talked myself through that.

I hate ticks….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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