Time out

Yo. Happy Sunday everybody. Elroy here. I’m here to tell you about two new words I learned yesterday. Well…..I may have heard them before – but it’s been a while. The words? “Time” and “out”. Put together in a little phrase – time out.

It all started because I have, in the past few days, become obsessed with my favorite game – Poke-a- PON. That’s when you poke a PON with your nose from behind, or you poke him in the ear. Yup. In the ear. Now the PON in my case, will spin around and bark at me. Which causes me to spin and then attempt another poke.

Sometimes the PON will be quite content minding his own business, and I lie down practically on top of him. That usually results in a lick fest at first, and then when the PON is sufficiently soggy, or when her highness says to stop, I will then leap up and begin Poke-a-PON.

I have found that my favorite time to play is juuuuuuuust when her highness sits down for breakfast. Now keep in mind that my game playing causes a LOT of barking by then PON.

Yesterday, her highness finally said “enough.” But that didn’t deter me. Lick, bark, lick, bark, bark, spin, bark, poke, leap, spin, bark, spin, spin, bark, leap, spin, bark…. you get the picture. Even the threat of the squirt gun had no effect. None. Poke, bark, spin, bark, bark, spin, poke – and that was IT. Her highness got up, escorted yours truly out onto the deck and rather ceremoniously said “TIME OUT!!!!” She left me out there. I sat forlornly looking through the glass. I was out there for hours. OK. Just joshing. It was like two minutes. If that. Her highness feels sorry for my sad look- it works every time. She opened the deck door and let me back in. She’s such a spoil sport. Meanwhile the soggy PON looked rather smug that he got to stay in. Just because he’s the “older” one. I guess age has its advantages. Like the seniors’ discounts her highness can now get at some stores. She’s not too proud to ask – which is fine by me – more biscuit money in her pocket!

Today it supposed to rain for a bit. It did yesterday too – but we did manage to get out for our morning walk before the rain. We have this new routine where we have to go into the torture palace aka garage after our walk, and get our feet rinsed off before we go in the house. This is the result of JUST the PON rinse. Pretty cool how much soil he brings in – I think he’s planning to start his own indoor garden. For his tomatoes. Maybe he’ll have better luck….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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