Zoom and Doom

Greetings all. Frodo here. It is hump day for those in the working world. Also known here as garbage day. That special day of the week where we usually walk down the middle of the road – to discourage peeing on all the neighbors’ garbage cans.

Last night her highness had one of her many Zoom calls that are taking place quite regularly since the Great Pause began. I call them Doom calls because once they begin, we are unable to go out or do anything exciting. This particular meeting was a dog club meeting. The American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association to be precise. For those who may be unaware – when humans are particularly dog crazy – they may join a dog club. Or two. Or three… Clubs can be All Breed Clubs – meaning just what the title says- a club for any breed of dog. Then you have specific breed clubs. Specific breed clubs can be regional, national, international…. Whichever type one belongs to – they all have the same thing in common- dogs. People with dogs love to talk to others about their dogs. They love to share adventures and experiences.

The irony is that prior to the Great Pause, we dogs were technically not allowed at club meetings – unless they were conference calls. Meetings like the local dog clubs did not allow dogs. But now, with the advent of these video conference meetings, we can easily attend the meetings. Last night, the Beatnik plopped himself right in front of the camera for a good part of the meeting. And any attempt her highness made to get him to lie down was met by a lick in her face.

Yours truly slept through the meeting, but of course at the END, she wanted to introduce me to the other members of the executive. I refused to move. Not until she said the magic word “biscuit” did I bother to wander over. And the nerve – she didn’t even HAVE a biscuit. I’ll remember that.

In other exciting news, we played fetch outside the other day. Here is a photo comparison of PON fetch vs Picard fetch.

Both do the pick up, turn toward the thrower and begin to return.

PON continues at a steady pace. Picard begins to slow.

PON continues with good grip on the toy. Picard begins to falter.

PON completes retrieval and sits to wait for treat.

Picard sinks to the ground…

And then the Picard completes his final moves…

I must confess, he IS rather entertaining.

Time for our walk Have a good one Peace and paws up. Stay safe!

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