Sheep and teeth

Hey there it’s Elroy here. This is going to be a short blog because I’m going somewhere! I’m going to check out some SHEEP! Yup. Her highness and I are going to a farm about an hour from here – and I’m going to get to play with some sheep. Well- I guess “play” is not the appropriate word. My understanding is that I’m supposed to move some sheep around. I’m not sure why. But I’ll find out. I met sheep once before and I thought they were rather intriguing. We’ll see if I like them today.

It’s pretty cold out, so maybe by moving them around, I’ll stay warm. No matter what, it will be an adventure.

Meanwhile, White Fang will be staying home. That’s my new name for The Boss. He doesn’t really appreciate his new name. I gave it to him because on Friday, in the midst of a freezing rainstorm, he was chewing on a bone -and he broke his canine tooth! Yup. It flew across the floor. This makes a matching pair for him – several years ago he broke the other one. It doesn’t seem to hurt him- her highness can touch it and he’s eating just fine. The only difference in his behavior- he’s not barking as much. So no one is complaining about that. If her highness didn’t hear it happen, she probably wouldn’t have noticed anything odd. Right now the biggest issue is that her highness keeps watching his every move. If he licks his lips – she immediately thinks it’s a problem. Even after he eats. She is kinda driving herself crazy. So although she was going to “wait and see “ instead of racing to the vet, for her own health, they may end up going sooner rather than latter.

Ok. Gotta go. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about my adventure with the Lambchops.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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