Greetings blog readers. Frodo here. To begin, I would like to thank all those who sent me birthday greetings. It was a delightful day filled with lots of attention and copious amounts of treats. It was the best 10th birthday I have ever had. And being the generous fellow that I am, I shared my treats with the beatnik. Well. Most of them.

In the past, Brother Viktor often liked to share historical information in this blog – related to canines. In keeping with his practice, I thought I should mention two things. First- today is the last day of a January. As you may recall, our New Year did not begin on a high note, so we are quite happy to say goodbye to the first month of the year. We have proclaimed February 1 as our New Year. Out with the old bones. In with the new.

Second. Today also happens to be something called Inspire your Heart with Art Day. It sounds a bit “made up” to me – but given the fact that humans are often looking for any reason to celebrate in the midst of winter – it seems fine to me. I mean it’s not like a day to celebrate a burrowing rodent or anything. Something like that would be ridiculous.

Now there are numerous artists who specialize in canine art. We have a few things like these acrylic paintings that are of us.

And some others like this wood burning done of dogs from long ago. Schubert and Guinness, are the two Bernese, we have Beamish the Lab and that’s Barney – the multibreed adoptee. Whose nickname at the shelter was “The Biter.” Quite the character, I understand….

We even a pottery sculpture of me and Brother Viktor from an artist in Poland.

She loves art of her boys. Who wouldn’t?!

But in addition to art done of the best subjects on the planet by humans, one can also have art DONE BY canines.

Viktor may have shared some of these before, but they are worth repeating. The following dogs have inspired me to try my paw at painting. This is actually a few years old, and some of these dogs have gone to the Rainbow bridge. Mind you, that should increase the value of their work….

Here’s another video of Jumpy working… He’s patient.

I am impressed with the fact that people PAY for this dog art. That is really what captured my attention. I think I could do it. However, realistically, her highness thinks I would be more like THIS dog. Note that this dog requires a treat for every brush stroke. Every single stroke. Her highness said my style would be closer to this…

In fact, her highness found that particular video humorous. Very humorous. She said THAT would be me.

I don’t see the humor. The dog is simply being paid for his work.

I would definitely prefer holding the brush – rather than running through any paint. I mean I don’t like walking though puddles – so the thought of paint on my feet – well it makes me shudder.

So that is my news for today. Have a happy Friday. And take a minute to look out for all the art around you!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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