And now a word from Elroy

Yo. Bonjour readers. Elroy here. “The Boss” – or Einstein, as Viktor liked to call him, has instructed that we need to carry on the torch for “brother” Viktor and write this blog thing. And if The Boss says it is so, who am I to question?

Brother Viktor. The dude who often grumbled when I would play bow and try to engage him in games. I sometimes called him the grey grump.

Wait a minute. Was that a fur ball rolling across the floor? Let me check it out. Yup. Boss fur. Now. What was I talking about? Oh yeah. The grey grump. Sure. YOU all thought he was happy go lucky. Yeah- not so much with me. He DID mellow over the years. But. Wait. Did I see something outside? What IS that??? I must bark to scare it away. Oh. It’s my reflection in the glass.

What was I saying? Oh Viktor. He never let me do hair styling on him like The Boss does. And we never ran around or played much. BUT, in the last couple of months we would actually sleep near each other. A big difference from early days. When you look at early photos he would be rather appalled to have to sit next to me. But I eventually won him over. Because I’m lovable. Who cannot love me? And ya know what? I really miss the grey grump.

My view of the world is different from the mops (the PONs). For example, both of the mops live(d) for food. Canine vacuum machines. To me, food is overrated. It’s not like her highness prepares gourmet meals all the time. Mind you, she does switch food for moi. Because I don’t always eat. I come by the name “Picky Picard” very honestly. It’s a trait inherent in many of us. Who can concentrate on food when there’s so many OTHER things in the world to pay attention to?! Flying leaves. Butterflies. Snowflakes. Dandelion fluff. Air.

I think we Picards have a keener sense of hearing than the mops. They have too much hair on those floppy ears to pick up the tiniest of sounds that we Pick-ards do. I stand on the highest ground around so I can see in the distance AND listen. I love standing absolutely still and observing. Actually, I have two things I REALLY love. (Besides cuddling so close to her highness that I try to crawl into her body.) Yeah – I love observation paralysis. And I love running. Both of my favorite things are completely different. The running part often gets me in trouble. Humans need to chill. I know where I’m going. Or I think I do. I was a gazelle in another life.

I know there are plenty of Picards who enjoy obedience. Me? Not so much. I’m not food driven, and while I DO like toys, they get rather boring pretty quickly. I do LOVE it when her highness throws a toy. But hey, why bother bringing it back? She’s just going to throw it again. Hello? I figured that out.

One thing I have learned from The Boss, is that grooming is not fun. True- I thankfully do not have a coat like the mops. But The Boss has demonstrated how if you look like you are being tortured, the process is shorter. Cool idea. That guy teaches me A LOT. I respect The Boss. He’s my idol.

One thing I do like more that the mops is sheep. Yup. THEY were cool. Might have been beginner’s luck, but I passed something called an Instinct test. Her highness hopes to try me out with more sheep this year. Viktor told me the sheep leave interesting morsels – but remember, I’m picky about edibles. I suppose though, I should give them a try the next time. I mean they are locally sourced.

Yeah. We’ll try to keep doing this writing thing. Hey. Is that a bird outside? Oh. He’s gone. Um. Oh yeah. This blog thing. I’ll try it for awhile. If I don’t get bored. Mind you, I suppose I do need to represent my Picard constituency. Whatever that means.

That’s my intro. I’m done now.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

3 thoughts on “And now a word from Elroy

  1. Hi Elroy! Glad to hear from you. I was missing all the news about your family’s adventures. Have a great day. Looking forward to hearing from you again.


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