And then there were two..

Hey. It’s me – Viktor here. Well, not REALLY here. I’m somewhere else. But I’ll always live on in the heart of my human – and in memories for many of you reading this.

My job on earth was done. I had a purpose. To tell my story and to live a large life. I had a goal to make people laugh. And sometimes I actually made them cry. I know that my human has cried buckets of tears in the past few days. But I really don’t want her to do that. Nor do I want you to cry.

I want my human to be happy for the amazing times we had – and for the fact that I was able to expand her world exponentially. She has met wonderful people from all around the world. Just because of me. And OK, I guess my brothers in crime also deserve some credit too. It has been an incredible journey.

If you are wondering, I arrived at a very cool place. Coincidentally, I arrived with my Saint Bernard friend, Dudley, and a cute PON girl I just met, named Bloom. The place is just as you would imagine – or I would imagine. Free treats, lots of food and plenty of bunnies to chase. Paxton is here – and I immediately greeted Bucket Head with a nip on his nose. Good times. I’ve met many canine friends here including Harper, Beamish, Guinness, Schubert and Barney who also once owned my human. As well there are plenty of others here- Emzy, Jazz, Sobe, Abby, Hudson, Nello, Cognac, Dorey, Nanny, Bruin, Charlie, Chumley, Jessy, Ozzie, Meg, Cajun, Cabot, Josey, Chimo, Mischa, Sophie, Solo, Java, Chinook….the list goes on. The saying that “all dogs go to heaven” must be true. I’m not sure how I got here, but I’m behaving so nobody changes their mind….

Speaking of people from around the world, a special man from France who was a regular blog reader, arrived just a few days before me. It has been a pleasure to meet him.

And of course, my human’s mother is here and offered to share her yogurt container with me. I also met her father for the first time. I had no trouble picking him out – he’s a dog lover just like her highness. He’s pretty good at playing fetch.

Speaking of which, it’s about time for me to play.

Please know that I’m OK, as are all your canine friends who are here. We live on in your hearts. And we’ll forever and ever be your guardians. We are always watching…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

On September 20, 2014 a little dog in Nova Scotia, Canada decided he had a story to tell. And one story became two, three, hundreds and well over a thousand. Over the past few days I have really come to know that you loved the wild moppet – and his never-ending tales of mischief. I am moved to know that he has touched your life – as he has mine. I’ve lost many dogs, and each one holds a special place in my heart. And sometimes that place is extra big.

Viktor always had such an incredible joy and love of life. We could all learn lessons from him about enjoying every day. I will miss his unbounded exuberance and his race to the treat jar. His love of fetching. And his wild hair when he returned from the woods after a bunny chase. And Viktor always did things “his way.” Even at the very end. We all know how challenging and gut wrenching it is to make that loving “decision” when a dog is critically ill. Viktor took the “decision” away from me. He fell asleep on his own.

This has been an incredibly difficult time. It truly has shattered my soul.

But Viktor didn’t live for sadness and although it’s only right to grieve, one must look at how to honor his “legacy”…

He leaves behind two “brothers” whose voices and views on the world are different. VERY different. But the intellectual and the beatnik have their own stories to tell….in Viktor’s honor. We just need some time before we begin sharing their tales…

Thank you for reading… and your love for a shaggy grey dog.

7 thoughts on “And then there were two..

  1. Dear Linda, My condolence i very much did enjoy all your stories. My thoughts are with you and wish you lots of strength. Sweet Victor say hello to my sweet pons when you see them Daika and Dana. Hugs


  2. Viktor…Your legacy is one that we were blessed to be a part of.The best days were days that started off with a cup of coffee and your stories, insights and antics.Thank you for making us laugh and smile, for teaching us life lessons and for uniting PON and dog folks from around the world. Stay strong Your Highness, Einstein and FG…Sending hugs and prayers from Texas.
    Duncan and Audrey your Texas PON Pals


  3. Dear Linda
    PONS are very special dogs and Viktor exemplified just how special they truly are. His observations of his world made me laugh, cry, worry, and especially helped me understand my own PON better. His passing has made the world a sadder place today. My sincerest sympathy to you and I pray that fond memories will bring you peace. There is no doubt in my mind that all dogs go to heaven. Take comfort in knowing that Viktor is there romping around and herding everyone into the spot he thinks they belong in.
    Love to you. 🌸


  4. We will miss you Viktor, I have a favor to ask, my Shadow is going to be joining you sooner than I wish, please help him with the transition, you have brought so much joy to me and I know you are happy and at peace, please reassure Shadow that we will be together again soon.


  5. Viktor, “The people’s PON” . I cannot begin to express just how much you’ll be missed. I’m so glad I got to be a part of your life because you added to mine in ways I didn’t know a blog writer could. The early morning laughter would cause my two girls to look at me like I’ve lost my mind. Then I’d utter “ oh Viktor” and they seemed to understand that you and your brothers had been up to shenanigans ….again😊
    Bless you and your families hearts for allowing us into your lives. I hope your brothers will carry on…in due time. 💔🌈💫


  6. Krystal (PON) and myself try to understand how you feel. We like so many loved Viktor. I understand that you need quite at this time and my heart goes out to the 3 of you xx


  7. I have tears in my eyes, Viktor. My condolences to all who loved you. Our Stasiu is there, I know you two will become friends.


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