For us canines, there is nothing much better than when you humans return from being away.  Now I’m not just talking about you being gone for a long time – like when you’ve been away on a trip.  I’m talking anytime you are out of our sight.  Heck – you can go to the bathroom and we’ll be happy when you come out.  And if you have been away for a few hours, there is nothing that will make us happier than when you walk in that door.  Except one thing.  When you come back, and you have been grocery shopping.

My human wonders if all canines demonstrate the “curiocery” that we three do.  That’s my term for that curious behavior we exhibit when you come back with arms loaded with grocery bags.  We MUST examine what is inside.
My human dare not put the bags on the floor.  It would be total chaos.  She puts them on the counter, and even then she must fend off each of us who balance precariously on two paws – leaning against the counter to get a sniff of the contents. “ Hmmmm.  She bought fresh bread.  Did she get more bananas?  Is that chicken? Low salt potato chips – hey what happened to her diet?  That’s OK – it just means more walks for us. Peanut granola?  What’s with that?  Cheese!  She got cheese!  And some sandwich stuff.  Looks like she’ll be making her lunch next week to take to work.  Wonder how long that will last?  Let’s take bets.  Not to mention the fact she will likely forget it anyway…”
She also bought our favorite snack.  Those little mini carrots.  Einstein and I practically take off her fingers when she gives us one.  Meanwhile, the FG is hurling his around the room.  Einstein eats his quickly and then runs to see if he can find the FG’s before the FG does.  While my human tries to help the FG by scooping it up from the floor where it has landed close to her feet, I get on two paws and try desperately to grab the entire bag of carrots.  Busted.
Putting things in the fridge involves pushing and shoving three canines who are also trying to get in the fridge.  We must inspect all the contacts going in.  Consider us the quality control inspectors.  We’re just checking the “Best by” dates.   Sure we are.
After my human finishes the defensive unpacking, she needs a nap.  No wonder.
Yesterday we had crazy rain again – but the weather today looks great!  Do I foresee extra walks I our immediate future?  You bet I do!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 25

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