A trivia game!!!!

We had a good day yesterday.  My human worked from home – to keep an eye on me.  And good news – no additional seizures.  She kept herself sequestered in the DFZ,  so she could actually get work done -but could watch me all day.  Now we hope to get back on the seizure-free road.

We have some other good news…thanks to you!   Thanks for clicking on the ads on my blog.  We will soon be getting another dog biscuit payment!!!!!!!  We appreciate your support!!!!

And speaking of my blog…we decided it’s time to do a little blog trivia.  We have  published over 1500 posts.  My human goes back to read some of them and has a chuckle.  She thankfully doesn’t remember ALL the bad things we do – so she reads them like it’s the first time she has ever seen them!  All of our badness blends together.

So here’s some trivia for you loyal readers.  Some is general trivia – and the rest is info from 2018.  Kind of a year in review. We are not including sad news..like people or pets passing or about my seizures – we want to make this FUN.  So let’s go…

1.  First a general one.  What does FG stand for?
2.  What business establishment do we dread seeing bags from?
3.  What product did that business run out of this year?
4.  What breed of dog won Westminster last year?
5.  What breed of dog won Crufts last year?
6.  Who is Pig Pen (NOT the one from the Peanuts cartoon).
7.  Who in our household is a rollaholic on patches of snow (and ice)?
8.  My human and her sister made a lamb for Easter last year out of what?
9.  When is Dyngus Day?
10. Who had to wear a cone of shame because he had an abrasion on his nether parts?
11. What unique visitor did we have in May?
12. What article of home decor has been replaced repeatedly in our household?  Why?
13. What is my favorite non-palatable snack?
14.  What is a smirk smack?
15.  What is poket?
16.  What can be used to attract butterflies in Central Africa? Hint: this topic probably occurs more frequently than any topic on my blog. The topic my human’s mother most disliked…
17.  How many dog sitters did we have last year?  Hint: my human went away TWICE.
18. What colorful attire did we get as guilt gifts when she went to Cape Breton?
19.  What are Galgos?
20.  What is happening at the end of January?

Drum roll……..

So how do you think you did?  Let’s see…
1.  Friendly Giant!
2.  The dreaded Dollar store.  AKA Pet torture supply shop.
3.  Poop bags!!  The ones we love.  With the handles.  But I forgot to tell you this WONDERFUL NEWS – they have brought them back!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I saw something in the paper about protest marches – and I think public pressure made them again carry them.  There is a God.
4. Bichon Frise  AKA cute fuzzy puff head
5. Whippet   Don’t worry if you didn’t remember these.  Either did we….
6. The black Labrador, Jackson, from down the road
7. Einstein.  The FG rolls on grass – but Einstein is famous for his snow dangels.
8.  Butter.  Wonder if they’ll attempt it again this year.. 
9. The day after Easter!!! It’s a Polish holiday.
10. Einstein .  Remember he is a DRAMA KING.  So we ALL suffered.
11. A BEAR!!!!
12. The dining room carpet.  Because the FG likes to chew the corners.  Speaking of which…(to be continued)
13. Dryer lint!!!  And pillowcases.
14. It’s a term from my Viktionary.  That’s when we canines stare at a human and smack our lips after we have eaten something BAD.  And the more gross the better!
15. Another Viktionary term – it’s a verb.  It’s the action of poking at a human’s pocket when we KNOW there in a treat inside. Or even a salt grain sized piece of a treat.
16. DOG POOP!!!!!!
17. TWO!
18. Tartan scarves
19. Spanish sighthounds.

So here is the scoring:
1-10  You are a newbie.  Welcome to my blog.  We can become a bit addictive.  Partly because people like saying “glad those aren’t MY dogs…”
10-15  You have been reading us for awhile – and you clearly pay attention!
16-20  You know more about us than we know about ourselves.  And you would like to meet us – knowing that you can leave at the end of the day and not live with us. 

We have free pawtographed photos for anyone who got ALL 20.  Postage not included.  OR we will come and stay at your house.  For a week…


Have a good one!  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 1

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