Happy and sad.

Tough day yesterday. And for a change, it didn’t have anything to do with us being bad…

You know, the internet is a weird thing.  Now that’s a profound statement.  You can quote me.  Anyway, people are able to connect on the web- and suddenly become friends.  Like the old fashioned pen pals back in the Dark Ages when my human was a kid.  Back then, you would WRITE to someone you never met (I understand that young people don’t even know HOW to WRITE in cursive nowadays!) and share stories of your lives.  Mind you, you had to wait a while for updates because you relied on the postal service to deliver your secrets and your stories – and in some cases it could be weeks.  The story could actually change by the time it got to your pen pal.
Today you can flip on your computer, tablet or phone and instantly find out the news of your friend a world away.  And while you have never met, you still have this “connection” where you genuinely share in their joys and their sorrows.  You can also give them advice (if they want it!) and share your own experiences that relate to what is happening in their lives. In the crazy dog world cult, people share everything from food ideas, to ideas about toys (yes!), recipes for treats, obedience suggestions (which WE clearly need), show results and health issues.  
In the past couple of days, at least two of our faraway internet friends have had bad news.  One was the loss of Sophie, a PON who had an acute medical problem while her humans were on an amazing vacation- literally on the other side of the globe.  Our hearts go out to them.
The second friend just learned that her PON has a very serious medical problem. They have left no stone unturned to diagnose this puzzle.  No one knows exactly what the future will look like.  But for now, they will take and appreciate every day.  It’s times like those that you can reach out to your internet friends- but you cannot touch them.  You cannot give them that big hug that they probably could use.  You hope that you can touch them with words – and in knowing that you truly do feel their pain…
On a lighter note…today is the Epiphany- or the Feast of the Three Kings. Every year I look at the calendar and think it’s a special day for us three canines – because let’s face it- we ARE kings. We rule this place. But Einstein always explains that it’s about Baby Jesus and the kings that visited him.  Many refer to it as Little Christmas.  You know…I wonder why Baby Jesus didn’t have a dog.  Hmmmm….
Oh – and getting back to our story about internet friends… my human received a lovely card and note in the mail the other day – all the way from France- from one of my loyal blog readers- Dominique!  It is so much fun to open your mailbox and get something other than bills! A hand written note these days is truly a treasure.  
And then the next day, when she came home there was a parcel by the door. And in it were some homemade cookies for her.  AND – some treats for us boys! I have to tell you, the FG, as we know, is Mr Picky when it comes to food and treats.  But he GOBBLED these treats right up!  Thanks to Vince and Jean for thinking of us too!
So a happy and sad blog.  But at the heart of it is friendship- no matter how close or how far.  Remember to treasure those friends – near and far- who can really be more valuable than gold, frankincense or myrrh….
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 28

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