Helping with wrapping

So the Christmas preparation frenzy continues.  Excuse me but didn’t I warn her that Christmas was coming back in November?

At least she used her time wisely while waiting to have the snow tires put on Ludwig – she wrote her Christmas cards. Now by the time she actually goes to the Post Office, people will get their cards in time for Valentines Day.
She also has a few parcels to mail and we were sure to help with that.  She accidentally dropped a couple of small pieces of cardboard while she was packing things- and we all took turns at recycling.  First she noticed me munching like a cow chewing cud. She said “Hey what do you have?”  I stared at her and kept on chewing.  Meanwhile, my new partner in crime was right next to me.  She looked at the FG and said “So your breakfast wasn’t good enough to eat – but cardboard is?”  He kept chewing.  She picked up any tiny pieces that remained.  At least she though he had them all.  A few minutes later, Einstein came over. And she looks at him and he is chewing too.  “Where are you getting this stuff?!” she sighed.  Why under my fluffy feet oh wise human.
Most of our snow melted with the warm temps the last few days. So now the backyard is a mess of mud, unraked leaves and camouflaged poop.  Really nice.  The joys of winter in Nova Scotia…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days:  7

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