Photo shoots

She can’t blame us this time.  We didn’t mess up the Fall decor…

So for those who said it would be a day or two before someone peed on a pumpkin…I am proud to announce that the colorful orbs are still pee-less.  But we do have a few weeks until Halloween. The ornamental corn hasn’t survived though.  Something ate almost all of it.  It was hanging on the pillar by the front door.  Anyway, all the colorful kernels are gone.  It looked a bit odd now, so my human tossed it in the woods.  We figure it was either the birds…or a raccoon or a mouse. Who would be one fat, heavy mouse if he acted alone. For once we canines couldn’t be blamed.
Saturday was a nice day.  Which in my human’s mind spells a nice day to take fall photos.  The one you see was her favorite- but not to worry – there are more.  Personally, I think the bloopers are the most fun.  And yours truly has done my part to insure that there are some beauties.  It all has to do with some crazy glasses from the dreaded Dollar Store.  Now Einstein, the dog who would wear ANTHING, didn’t mind them.

But as for me and the FG…well you’ll see what we thought of them.
I heard my human rustling around in some bins in the garage last night.  It sounds like she found some attire from previous years.  Oh goody.  It’s the first time I’m praying for rain- so we can’t do outdoor shots.  She’s off today….
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 32

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