October 13.  And according to the crazy calendar, it is International Music Day.  If one does a quick search on the net for dogs and music, you can find ALL kinds of sites that have music that we dogs supposedly like to listen to.  Like this one which includes 12 hours of music that we supposedly love.

Now before you shake your head and say that’s crazy – there have been researchers who have actually studied what kind of music we dogs prefer.  I am NOT kidding.   Wonder where they got the grant money?  Through a record company? Hey Kanye – there’s another business idea for you. Anyway, I digress. 

One study looked at shelter dogs and they tested the effects of five kinds of auditory sources: conversation, heavy metal music, classical music, pop and a control.  Not sure what the control was.  Anyway, the shelter dogs were quieter and more relaxed when listening to classical music.  Another study found the same results – with dogs spending more timing “shaking and vocalizing” to heavy metal music”.

Interesting stuff.   My human leaves the radio on for us – and it is mostly pop music.  Must get her to change it up.  Hello Bach.  Good-bye Kanye.  Sorry I just couldn’t resist.  I just want to make my blog great again. 

OK.  I need to stop.   Time to download some Chopin.  He was Polish after all.  It’s either that.  Or polka music. 

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 30!

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