Photos and liver dust

So what do you think are the 5 post popular dog breeds on Instagram?  When you look at posts, the dogs that appeared most frequently in order of popularity include: pug, bullldog,  terrier (no specific type of terrier – so I guess they are all lumped together), chihuahua and husky.  PONs and Picards did not make the top 5.  And I’m betting they are not even in the Top 10.   Although heaven knows,  with my human and her never- ending puparazzi routine, one of us SHOULD  make it to the top 5.

My human posted a photo of the FG the other day and someone says he looks like a model.  Which is very funny because he really does NOT like having his photo taken.  He will look everywhere BUT at the camera.  My human makes all kinds of noises and waits patiently for him to look at her.  She often needs to give up.  I’m the same – except I sniff at the ground.  Or eat grass.  Or eat snow.  We are temperamental subjects. So for every good photo of us, trust me, there are about 258 other shots with us looking elsewhere!
Before I forget, I have to tell you about a new delicacy that we have at our house.  You know our all time favourite treats – the Honey Beefers?  Well the company that makes them also makes something else.  And it is THE best way to get the Picky Picard to eat his food.  He actually DOES eat all his food over the course of the day – but not always immediately.  But if you want him to eat at LEAST 90% of his food at a particular mealtime, add Liver Dust.  Liver Dust.  Isn’t that just THE best name?  It’s basically dried liver that has been ground down and put in a jar like a seasoning jar.  And it has holes in the top – so you just sprinkle it on your food.  Mmmmmmmmm.  My human figures she could make the stuff herself  by buying dried liver  and grinding it- but the thought of grinding it in her coffee grinder is a bit iffy.   Could end up with some unique tasting morning brew if there are any remnants in the machine after grinding the liver.  Maybe she just needs to buy a grinder for liver.  Problem solved.  Anyway, she puts the stuff on the FG’s food and he loves it.  She gives me and Einstein some on our food, but simply to be nice because we devour our food – with or without liver dust.  If you have a picky eater at home – try some Liver Dust. And you will become the Liver Dust fairy.  Sorry.  That image keeps running through my head.
Anyway – have a good one!   Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days: 39

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