Cardiovascular health…..

So a new study just came out in Sweden, and the results indicate that humans owned by dogs have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.  So they have a lower mortality risk.   Now the benefits of owning a pet have been touted for a long time – but as with any research, there are always limiting factors.  One would assume that if you are owned by a dog, you get more exercise – which is good for cardiovascular health.  But did the people with good activity levels already, choose an active dog breed purposely?  They also wonder if by living with a dog,  human are exposed to more bacteria – and this somehow changes the microbiomes in the human’s gut.  This adjustment in the human system may somehow make humans more resistant to certain “bugs.”  I knew all that dirt that we drag in had a good purpose.

The study indicated that the lowest risk of cardiovascular disorder was seen in humans owned by hunting, retrieving and scent hounds.   No mention of herding breeds – but I think our activity level still fits the bill.  Heaven knows my human gets LOTS of walks because of us.

More research needs to be done – but who knows, maybe someday people will receive a prescription for a dog instead of a drug.  And then we need to get the insurance companies to pay for that prescription!

Of course, you know on the flip side….given our SOMETIMES less-than-exemplary behavior – my human thinks we actually RAISE her blood pressure.  Which we probably do.  And THAT’S why we try to get her to take us out for MORE walks.  Yup.  We have this all figured out.  Just call me Dr. Viktor.

Bottom line – we canines DO help humans in SO many ways.  And the benefits go both ways…

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.

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