Leaf me alone.

So my human gets this crazy idea the other day.  She decides she “needs” a photo of us in the leaves.  So she gets the leaf blower out and blows the leaves into a big pile.  Then like somebody going on a safari, she outfits herself to prepare for the photo shoot.  She puts on this fanny pack thing that is never used for anything but dog walking or dog photo shoots.  She fills it with extra special treats. But first she must entice us with them. We get a sample, just for sitting while still in the house.  Like serving a fine wine to special dinner guests, she has to break out the GOOD treats for these things.  Then she has to find some toy that makes a weird sound that we have never heard before. Good luck with that.  And heaven knows she has made every noise a human can possibly make to get our attention. Then she lets us loose. Well, Einstein and I were loose – the FG was on a long line because there was a good chance he would take off – if given the chance.

So she directed us to the leaf pile.  Where Einstein and I immediately peed.  She shouted “no – not THERE!!!!”  Too late.  She moved the peed leaves around and lined us up and told us to sit.  And stay.  Which she said probably 458 times. Now getting us to sit and stay is one thing.  And we actually DID stay because we REALLY liked the treats.  But the next challenge is to get EVERYONE looking at her.  AND everyone smiling.  It never fails.  Two of us smile and one of us looks like you just took away our favorite bone.  Or alternatively, NONE of us smiles.  Like in these photos.  Cute photos.  But we DO look rather cranky.

 But after numerous attempts she DID get the following photo – which was her “THANK YOU” to the heavens above photo.  It resulted in DOUBLE the treats.

So AFTER that fiasco, she then decided she wanted INDIVIDUAL leaf shots.   She really is a glutton for punishment.  So she started with our “model” dog – Einstein.  All you have to do is set him up and he does whatever you want.   My human covered him in leaves and he willingly stayed in place.  ALTHOUGH, like a temperamental model, he DID get into the “pout” mode. 

Getting him to smile involved telling him to speak. Which he does QUITE well.  But he threw back his head to do so. 

Let’s just say that our “model dog” ended up taking WAY more shots than were even required for the group photo. 

Then it was MY turn.  I wasn’t big into lying down for the shot – but agreed to sit in the leaf pile.  Unlike the pout face of Einstein, yours truly does the “funny lip” thing.  My human kept telling me to stop with the lip thing – but I had NO idea what she was talking about.  Well….actually I DID, but in order to get me to stop the lip thing, she would give me a treat.   

After numerous treats, I finally gave her the smile she was looking for.

And THEN came the FG.  He had been watching the proceedings with me and Einstein from the deck.  He couldn’t WAIT to get out.   But just TRY and cover him with leaves.  It was impossible.  She would cover him.  He would get up and shake them off.  Again and again.  Finally she gave up with that and let him just stay on top of the leaves.  But he is a picnore pro – and he refused to look at her.  

She would toss leaves in the air and he would LUNGE for them.  Or he would bury his head in the leaves. 

In the end – she DID get a shot she liked.  THANK GOODNESS.

What IS it with humans and your urge to take photos of us?  Don’t you have enough photos of us ALREADY?  Imagine if we dogs did the same thing to you.  I really need a Go Pro camera.  Wouldn’t it be GREAT fun getting photos of my human when she gets up in the morning – while she is walking us wearing her headlamp?  Now THAT would be entertaining….

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!

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