Wordsmith day

Today is May 3rd and according to the crazy calendar, it is Wordsmith Day.  I’m not sure exactly who celebrates it – maybe the people who work at dictionary companies.  I got to thinking about all the words we have been “taught” in our house.  And frankly we understand a LOT more than we let on.  But we often pretend we haven’t heard some of these words EVER before.  Especially if they are being requested, and there are no treats in sight.  Now there are some dogs – like that famous Border Collie who has like 1000 words in his vocabulary.  He has names for all of his toys – and he has a pile of them.  We’re not exactly there.  Here’s our list, which includes a few phrases:
sit, stay, stand, flat (or down), back up, spin, twist, get it, go out, over, jump, go up, one at a time, hurry up, go pee, come (or here), strut, easy, wait, paw, find it, find the bunny, quiet, around, look, leave it, bananas, stack it and THE BEST – treats…

The consistency with which we actually respond to ALL of them varies.  I would say Einstein is the best – and although he KNOWS what “quiet” means, and he WILL stop barking, it generally doesn’t last.  Elroy’s best word is paw.  It’s his favorite.  And we know mine.  Treats.  

And finally in honor of Wordsmith Day, a few more entries from the Viktionary!  Enjoy!

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