Life is all about the chase.

So Velcro dog and I have new names.  Bird dogs.
The other night my human was in the house and Velcro dog had gone out on the deck.  Suddenly my human heard him bark.  And then he barked again.  And again.  Not the crazed, there is someone at the door bark but the bark that means he is drawing attention to something.  Usually he uses it if I am doing something bad.  It’s kind of his tattle tale bark.  So my human went out on the deck to see what the commotion was.  And there was Velcro dog, standing and staring at the deck. And barking.  There was nothing ON the deck, so what was going on?  And THEN my human remembered. Last summer she found yours truly at the exact same spot on the deck.  Digging at the wood. Because just under the deck was a bird’s nest. My human never removed it.  She figured the birds weren’t hurting anything, besides driving me crazy.  Well clearly the family has returned to roost.  Or maybe the location of our place has been has been passed around in the bird community.  Anyway, Velcro dog has alerted my human to our guests. As long as we don’t have to give them any of our biscuits, I’m fine with them staying.
In other nature news…well I KNOW you must be sick of hearing my bunny tales, but I really outdid myself the other night.   My human went to take us out for our pee before bedtime. She takes us out on leash – one at a time.  I got to go first while Velcro dog waited impatiently and threw in a bark or two to remind us that is was HIS turn next.  Well.  My human no sooner opened the door, and I smelled and heard the bunny.  I jerked the leash from my human’s hand and I was off into the woods.  Unfortunately for me, the place I went into the woods was all evergreens.  Densely growing evergreens.  With tiny branches from bottom to top.  Just the kind of branches that catch a leash.  So I was stuck.  But is was dark out and my human couldn’t see me.  She was NOT happy.  She went in the house for her trusty headlamp and a flashlight, and she let Vecdo dog out to see if he would help find me.  He just looked at my human and basically said “You can’t be serious. You want ME to go in there and mess up MY coat?  I vote we let him stay there until daybreak.”  So since he was not being the least bit helpful, my human put him back in the house and came back out to look for me.  She called me and called me.  But I didn’t make a sound.  I KNEW I was in trouble.  After a few minutes of my human thrashing her way through the dense woods, she spotted the colour red on a tree limb.  Yup.  My leash . With me attached a few feet away.  She released me from my bondage and untangled the leash.  I sheepishly walked back to the house.
My human is not sure which is worse – bunny or fox obsession.  It seems that we must have fewer foxes around this year, because the bunnies are out in full force.  Not a day goes by that we don’t see one. Or two.  But I must confess, I am starting to come to the conclusion that it is very difficult to catch one.  And even if I did, what would I do with him?   Mind you, life isn’t about the end result, is it?  It’s all about the chase!
Signing off from Wild Kingdom.  Have a great day!

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