Boo humbug

OK.  Ha ha.  Very funny.  By now you have seen the dreaded Halloween attire.  Trust me – it was assigned and NOT self-selected.  But I’m a good sport.  However I must say that I now feel the urge to live up to my Halloween persona.  So look out…..

I suppose after two days of rather heavy blogs, you did need some comic relief.  Allow me to be your clown.

So my human has already been making her way through the Halloween snacks.  I kid you NOT.  CLEARLY she purchased things to HER liking – in the (likely) event that no kids ever show up at our house.  Seriously, what kid wants to come to a dark house down a long driveway that when the doorbell rings, sounds like something out of a dog horror film.  I also noticed that my human didn’t buy dog treats to give away.  What’s up with that?  I mean we COULD get some brave kid who trudges to the door with his dog in tow.  And THEN what will my human do?  She had better not even CONSIDER giving away OUR treats.

The outdoor solar pumpkin lights she bought at the Dollar Store are as appealing as our costumes.  I mean if you stand within 6 inches of them you can tell that they ARE pumpkins and that they ARE lit.  More money well spent.  My human didn’t notice that I already peed on them.  Maybe THAT’S why they don’t light up….

Anyway.  Have a Happy Halloween.  Now we get to look forward to the Christmas reindeer antlers and Santa hats.  Oh joy.  Oh happiness.  Mind you, I suppose Frodo can actually wear the SAME costume for Christmas.  Lucky him. 

Boo humbug.

©  Linda Wozniak

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