For Molly

Well, we had sad news on our road this week.  The canine matriarch of the road, Molly, a 13.5 year old yellow Labrador, and “sister” to my buddy Jackson, went to the Rainbow Bridge.  Molly’s humans are understandably VERY sad so I sent them my blog about Compartments of the Heart….

Molly was living on this road when my human moved here. Molly had another canine brother at the time – Remington, who I’m sure was waiting to meet her at the Bridge when she arrived.  Molly saw a number of dogs go before her to the Bridge – including three dogs that owned my human – Guinness, a Bernese, Beamish, a yellow Lab and Harper, another Bernese.  And throughout their lives, Molly was clear at establishing the fact that “girls rule.”  She put more than one boy in his place if he bugged her too much!  Including me!

Molly had a fabulous life in a fabulous home.  In the past year, her walks had slowed down – but she was always anxious to go out and join the crowd.  Her tail was ever-wagging – unless of course she was putting one of us young things in our proper place!

I’m sure Jackson will miss her. We are the same age.  I’ll have to go and visit him.  In fact, I think we’ll have to go for a run this weekend.  OK.  Maybe Jackson can run and I can walk on a leash.  My human still has not forgotten about my little wandering adventure the one day we went out with Jackson.  The last time Jackson went for a run with my human, Paxton got to go. Pax and Jacks went out on the golf course and went in just about EVERY pond they passed. I just don’t get that whole water thing…

So today we give cheers to a lovely blonde Lab lady who is running faster and swimming in every pond she sees.  Jackson has big pawprints to fill – but I know he will do his best…

We know that humans can never replace one dog with another.  The memories are always there in those compartments in your heart.  Forever.  Just remember, you have the key to open the compartments and look inside…and you’ll be so happy with what you find.

©  Linda Wozniak

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