The holiday

So.  Yesterday was a day off for our human. And what a day it was… 

Our human got up at the normal time to get ready for work.  She checked her email and ta-da – her university was CLOSED.  Whoohooo.  We still went out for our morning walks although they WERE a bit shorter than normal because it WAS snowing and the winds WERE blowing at 1000 miles per hour.  Well maybe not THAT much. But is WAS pretty windy.

After all of our walks were finished,  my human had her breakfast like normal- including the obligatory sharing of the somewhat empty yogurt container. And then – much to our surprise – she did something that she NEVER, EVER does.  She said “boys – we are going back to bed!”  WHAT?!  BACK TO BED???  She actually attempted to watch TV first – but every channel was talking about SNOW.  How much snow.  How to shovel snow.  How to stay off the roads.  How the wind was blowing the snow.  How big the drifts were.  ENOUGH already!  It’s not like people have never seen the stuff before!  It’s not like a volcano erupted.  Or an earthquake.  It’s SNOW.  I guess my human isn’t all that impressed with snow because (and I have to be careful here – because this statement does give an indication about how OLD she is…) SHE survived the BLIZZARD of ’77 in Buffalo, New York.  Google THAT snow.  Now I DO admit that she DOESN’T like DRIVING in snow – but if you have lived through the Blizzard of ’77 – you can live through any snow.  Well.  Maybe not the snow in Antarctica.  But most snow.

So we all agreed begrudgingly to go back to bed for an hour.  And THEN, my human took a shower.  And THAT, I didn’t get.  Why shower?  It’s not like we were going to have company in the middle of a snowstorm.  And it’s not like she was going anywhere. So we ALL sat outside the bathroom door and WAITED while she took her shower.  And when she came out – we ALL acted so overjoyed, as if we had not seen her in a month. But that’s what we canines do.  We are eternal greeters.

Then our human made some phone calls to people who she KNEW would be at home – since we WERE having a “blizzard.”  We napped at this point, because if our human had gone to work, that’s what we would be doing.  After the calls were over – we wanted ATTENTION

So first it was my turn to play with the Snoop.  And I got almost every treat out.  And then Frodo was “trained” in that “new behavior” I alluded to the other day.  As usual, he barked throughout the training – but my human THINKS he is STARTING to get it.  And then Paxton got HIS time with the Pyramid – and he is expert with that toy.

Our human checked some stuff on the computer – but we STILL wanted attention.  So we all went outside for a run around the yard – as the snow had stopped.  Of course, could we JUST run around and have a grand time?  No.  Well we DID for a BIT – but then we had the obligatory photo shoot.  As if our human doesn’t have enough pictures of us in the snow…We obliged for a couple of shots and then took off.

Back we went in the house, panting and wet.  At which point my human decided to watch a movie that has been nominated for an Academy Award  in the category of Best Foreign film.  It’s a Polish film called Ida.  My human understands, “yes’, “no”, “sit down”, “thank you”, “”Merry Christmas”, “Happy Easter” and some assorted words that cannot be written here – in Polish.  So she had to use the subtitles when watching the movie.  Frodo and I didn’t need the subtitles – for obvious reasons.  My human quite liked the movie.  I still preferred that Ape movie…

After that we all had supper, another run around outside – and the next thing you knew it – the day was over.  A fabulous, unplanned holiday.  But then with us dogs, every day is a holiday!   
Have a good one!

©  2015 Linda Wozniak

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