Self isolation. Day 14.

Yo everybody. Elroy here.

Well it’s official. After today, her highness is officially free. To go nowhere. And of course, that’s absolutely fine with us. Her self isolation is officially over – and really – it was probably technically over on Friday – when she got the results of her virus test. It was thankfully negative.

I was pretty concerned that if it was positive, she was going to have to sequester herself from us. Not that we canines can get the virus- but still we would want to be safe. The Boss just rolled his eyes when I told him my concern.

We had snow the other day, but it was quite warm yesterday- causing much of the snow to melt. The Boss still got in a few good rolls early in the morning- because it will soon be too late.

I was looking at photos and just last week there was a lot of ice on the lake. But now it is pretty much gone. And much to her highness’ shock, I decided to walk right in the water yesterday- even though I was on a leash. It happened so quickly- her highness tried to stop me but I walked right in. Mind you – I didn’t go far – just up to my belly. Frankly, it was rather chilly – so I was quite happy to come right out when instructed to do so. Meanwhile, the Boss just stared at me. He doesn’t go in there in the heat of the summer – so the idea of polar dipping was totally crazy in his opinion.

Besides numerous walks and lots of treats, and the occasional short car ride to the mailboxes at the end of the road, things at our abode have been pretty quiet. I probably shouldn’t say anything, but her highness hasn’t really accomplished a whole lot during her hibernation . You two leggeds are pretty funny – you complain that you don’t have “time” to do certain undesirable tasks – like organizing and shredding old bills and receipts. Or cleaning out closets. But now that you have the time – well – let’s just say I haven’t seen any big projects started around here. Or small projects for that matter. Wait – her highness DID finish this hooked rug thing that she was working on for like 2 years. But get this – it’s a rug but she won’t put it on the floor! OK- I guess the whole chewing thing with the dining room carpet could be the reason why she won’t put this rug on the floor. I guess she is trainable.

Oh – I almost forgot but I reminded myself when I mentioned chewing. So like when her highness went away for her little trip, she went out and bought new sheets for her bed. So it would be nice for the dog sitter. I mean she figured pillow cases without holes would be a nice touch.

So she’s been back two weeks. And the day before yesterday, while she was taking her shower….SOMEONE put a hole in one of the new pillowcases. I can’t say who it was – but it wasn’t me. Oooooeeee. Her highness was not impressed. But ya know what they say in dog training – ya have to catch us in the act. And whoever did it, was not caught. Wonder who it was…

Time for our walks. And today I’m thinking some Find the Bunny is long overdue. It’s either that, or another round of poke-a-PON….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay home and stay home.

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