Talk to the animals…

Well, well, well.  So my human is smarter than I thought.  Seems there was a new study that has come out of the University of Chicago and it claims that if you talk to your dog – you are smart.  Go figure.  Wonder how big a grant they got to look at that one!  They say that humans have the capacity to anthropomorphize pets – which basically means, giving them human-like characteristics.  So they do things like talk to them.  And supposedly, it signifies someone who has an active, socially cognizant brain.  People treat things other than pets as having human-like characteristics too,  for example  they do things like name their vehicles.  Like Ludiwg.  Or our old buddy Harry.  Who has either gone to a farm or the old car graveyard.  I prefer to think of him as living somewhere else.  Or MAYBE they were able to transplant some of his parts to another vehicle….Hey – I think I am anthropomorphising too!!!   All that to say, if you talk to your dog, you are smart.  But not necessarily as smart as us dogs.

I got the stink eye when my human came home from work on Friday – no talking was really required.  Remember when I was caught on tape destroying the red oven mitt a few weeks back?  Well now we have a matching pair.  Actually not completely matching.  This time I just took off the TIP of the thumb and the tip where the other four ringers go.  So it’s still usable.  Kind of.

And remember my no-more-snow forecast.   It’s looking like I was CORRECT.  Warmer temperatures forecast for the REST of the week.  Look out groundhog – the PON is taking over.

Have a good one!!!  You know I will!

Antique dogs

April 9.  And according to the crazy calendar, it is something called National Cherish an Antique Day.  I joked that it’s a day to cherish my human.  My brilliant sense of humor was met with an icy glare.

My human likes antiques. And while her antique collecting tastes have changed over the years, there is still something that she cannot pass up.  Antique and vintage DOG stuff.  She has old dog books, dog bowls, lots of old dog photos, prints and paintings and all sorts of dog figurines.  So in honor of this “holiday” let’s take a look at her “oldest” dog thing.  It’s a series of pages from the 1793 Encyclopedia Britannica.  Who KNEW encyclopedias were around that long ago? They were actually first published in Edinburgh Scotland between 1768 and 1771!  They were around until 2012 – when the age of digital took over and they stopped printing volumes.

So here are the three pages:

Lots of modern breeds look QUITE different than the dogs we see here.  Although some DO look close to their early ancestors….

The Dalmation

The Greyhound

The lion dog (which I am thinking might be the Lowchen) and the pug

The bulldog

Then there is the King Charles dog – which actually doesn’t look a whole lot like a Cavalier…

But the big problem –  there was no PON OR Picard listed.  I am guessing we probably both came from the Shepherds dog – which if you SQUINT from 16 feet away could look almost Picard like. But let’s face it – it doesn’t look anything like  PON…

Although the Great Water dog LOOKS kind of PON like, I’m thinking that’s one of the sporting breeds like the Portuguese Water dog – or MAYBE even the Newfoundland.

 So we looked at all of the breeds, but none really fit.  And we then spotted a little dog in the corner that ALMOST looks PON-like.  And the name would fit. It’s called a Shock dog.  How perfect is THAT?  We all know the behavior of the PONs in THIS household is FREQUENTLY shocking.  So that MUST be it.   It’s our great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather,   Zap.  That’s what I’ll call him. 

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this peek into history – and I hope you have a great old day!

WARNING. Dog Farting Awareness Day

April 8.  And it’s Dog Farting Awareness Day.  I’m not kidding.  Like you need a day to be aware of it.  Seriously when some of us dogs let loose, EVERYONE is aware.  If we dogs eat too quickly and gulp a lot of air in the process, it has to come out somewhere.  So in some dogs, that is the cause of flatulence.  Also if we have eaten something that “doesn’t agree with us” we can get gassy.  So diet can play a role in the toots.  It’s not unusual for this to happen from time to time – but if Fido is constantly letting rip farts that can cause the paint to peel on your walls – you may want to see your Vet.  A dietary change may be in order.  As well, in some cases, parasites could be the cause – so you want to get THAT cleared up.  Some dogs may need pre or probiotics to help with digestion and sometimes, exercise can help.

Paxton used to be the king of farts.  The air would be cloudy.  And my human had a Lab who could have won prizes for his farting abilities.  If they gave them out.  It’s not a constant occurrence with us three musketeers – UNLESS we eat something we shouldn’t.

This odorous topic really lends itself to some bloopers…  Enjoy!


That Elroy.  Boy he IS smart.  I mean REALLY smart…

My human has two bondage systems that she uses to walk him.  One is a slip collar with leash and the other is his Freedom harness and leash.  When she uses the slip collar, the FG has a terrible habit of pulling.  So she will only use that if she is taking him out on our property – and usually when he is just going out for a quick pee.  He walks much better with the harness- he doesn’t pull, although he DOES like to try and pull on the leash with his teeth, in an effort to get my human to let go so he can run away.  But they are working on that -or should I say my HUMAN is working on that – so his walks on the harness are generally well controlled.

So get this – the FG has figured out which is the “more fun” system.  He willingly and QUICKLY, puts his head in the slip collar.  I mean he doesn’t hesitate for a second to put his head in the slip collar.  But in the past few days, when my human takes out the harness, it’s like trying to catch a butterfly.  He flits here and there and won’t get near my human!  He KNOWS that the harness means he cannot pull – AND he is not in control!  Seriously.  This has not happened just once.  He has done it several times.  My human even resorted to tricking him.  She picked up the harness and he took off. So she put it down and picked up the leash and slip collar.  He raced over.  Of course she took him by the collar and pulled out the harness.  His ears went inside out.  He hates that thing.  No control – and CLEARLY the FG is a dog who likes to be in control.  I’m thinking he has some PON in him.

Well it’s Friday and as I predicted, NO MORE SNOW in the forecast.  And now the muddy mole hill filled backyard is emerging as the snow continues to quickly melt.  We haven’t been successful in finding that ferret poop – so we’re back to begging people to borrow their terriers.  A pack of terriers honestly can’t make the yard ANY worse than it is now.  Time for me to go write the Help wanted ad.

Have a good one.

Tartan Day

It’s April 6 – and it’s also National Tartan Day!  Canada  recognizes Tartan Day which actually was first proclaimed here in Nova Scotia in 1987.  Although my human doesn’t get the day off.  It’s not THAT kind of a holiday.  Yet.  Apparently the idea for Tartan Day has spread – and is celebrated in a number of countries including New Zealand and the US.  It’s a day to celebrate Scottish heritage, with parades, pipe bands and Highland dancing.

So since we are celebrating Scotland, let’s take a look at dog breeds that originated in Scotland!  Here’s a little quiz to see what you know about Scottish dogs:

1.  Not counting dogs that are extinct or not recognized by a canine registry, how many Scottish breeds are there:
a.  5
b.  10
c.  12
d.  15

2.  This breed of dog actually originated from POLISH LOWLAND SHEEPDOGS way back in 1514.  PONs were bred with local Scottish dogs to get this shaggy member of the herding group.

3.  This breed of dog is one of the oldest terrier breeds originating on an island.  They have short legs relative to their long body and long flowing double coat.  They are noted for their well-feathered prick ears.

4.  This member of the hound group is larger than a Greyhound and actually said to be able to outrun a Greyhound in rough terrain.  They have a rough coat.  They were bred to hunt Bambi-type animals and apparently in Australia, they hunt kangaroo and wild boar.

5.  This black and tan breed is in the Sporting or Gundog group and is the heaviest member of the setter family.

6.  This is another terrier with a long body and short legs.  They were bred for hunting badgers and otters so they are known for their ability to dig big holes – quickly.  They have pendulous ears and a distinctive topknot of hair on their heads.

7.  This large hound can follow a scent over long distances and they are used by many police departments.  They have long floppy ears that help to stir up particles on the ground to help them in tracking.  They have a gentle disposition, but are said to be somewhat willful.

8.  This popular breed is in the Sporting or Gundog group.  They love to hunt, retrieve, swim, perform the role of service dogs and are an all-around great family dog.  They have a long coat, with the color ranging from a light, cream shade, to a reddish tone.  

9.  This member of the herding group is deemed by some to be THE smartest dog breed.  These energetic, athletic dogs are outstanding in their role as working dogs on farms.  They also excel at agility.  

10. This small, rugged terrier is one of Scotland’s oldest working breeds.  A famous example of this breed was Toto in the story the Wizard of Oz.

Here are your answers:

1. d
2. Bearded Collie
3. Skye terrier
4. Scottish Deerhound
5.  Gordon setter
6.  Dandie Dinmont terrier
7.  Bloodhound
8.  Golden Retriever
9.  Border collie
10. Cairn terrier

In addition to the breeds listed above,  the following breeds ALSO originated in Scotland:  Border terrier, Rough Collie, Smooth Collie, Scottish terrier, Shetland Sheepdog, and the West Highland White terrier.  Who KNEW so many breeds came from Scotland?!  And then I suppose we could ALSO count the breed from NEW Scotland – the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. 

Wonder how many of them enjoy the bagpipes….

Anyway, have some haggis on me today – or maybe a little dram of Scotch! Humans only.  Happy Tartan Day!

New naughty


So when my human got home from work on Monday, she let the FG out free – but on a LONG, long line.   We were all racing around having a grand time, when the “good dog,” Einstein again took off.  He wasn’t gone long, but it’s just a sampling of his recently naughty new personality.  I think he has FINALLY figured out, that being naughty is actually fun.  So he has taken on a new persona.  For example, when my human is getting our meals ready, we are instructed to sit and stay.   Einstein who KNOWS what to do has recently decided to do anything BUT sit.  As soon as my human turns her back on us to prepare our meals, he will lie down.    My human comes over, says nothing, sits him up and leaves him.  She walks away and he stands up.  All the time yours truly, the ordinarily bad “stayer” is sitting patiently.  I have finally figured out that the longer it takes her to prepare things, the longer it takes to be fed.  And it’s not that Einstein isn’t hungry.  He’s just being NAUGHTY.  I love it.  All the time the FG is lying and waiting – he’s in the hallway waiting where he gets his food – so it’s more difficult to keep tabs on him.

And as for the FG and HIS behavior – yesterday when my human went to take us for our morning walks, she realized one of her BOOTS was missing.  And then she remembered that the FG had grabbed one and taken it outside the day before.  But she remembered bringing it back in….Seems he had stolen the PAIR and when daylight came, she saw it lying in the backyard.

NEVER a dull moment in this house.  EVER.

Well we are having what I predict will be our LAST snow for the year today.   It HAS to be the END of this wintry weather.   Mind you, at least with the snow on the ground, we don’t have to worry about ticks.  Always look at the bright side.  And just THINK what our household will be like when all three of us get serious Spring fever.  Look out!

Have a good one!


April 4. And it’s International Carrot Day.  I know we JUST talked about sweet potatoes yesterday – but I REALLY can’t leave out a talk about carrots. The orange veggie is good for us dogs – and it packs  Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B1 and B6.  An alphabet of vitamins.  Carrots are a great snack – and if you have a puppy and you freeze a carrot, it’s great for teething.  Now keep in mind that whole carrots can be a bit of a challenge to fully digest – so you MAY see chunks of carrots in our poop.  Sorry to be graphic – but chunky carrot poop is a reality.  So as with anything, moderation is key.  I found this cool recipe video and with Easter right around the corner, you may want to make these snacks.  And what’s good is that you can substitute rice flour for regular flour if you have a wheat-free kind of dog.  Check it out:

Wouldn’t I like to chase that giant bunny at the end of that video….

And remember how I have always said that we PONs eat MUCH more quickly than the FG?  Well here’s the proof – eating a baby carrot.  Don’t fall asleep while watching this first one of Elroy:

And don’t blink while watching this one… Frodo and I:

 I rest my case.

Have a good one.


April 3.  And according to the crazy calendar, it is Sweet Potato day.  In doing my research about this topic, I came to find out that sweet potatoes and yams are different.  For some reason, I thought they were in the same family – but in fact, they are not!  Sweet potatoes originated in the Americas, and yams came from Africa.  So there you go.

Sweet potatoes are VERY good for dogs.  They are a good source of Vitamins C and B6 and they are high in fiber and low in fat.  They are also a source of potassium, manganese and magnesium.  You can add steamed or boiled potatoes to your dog’s food – just watch how MUCH you add – because, as I mentioned, they are high in FIBER.   Here is a simple way to make yummy treats with sweet potatoes:

  • Preheat your oven to 250
  • Wash the potato
  • Cut the potato into thin slices, leaving the skin on.
  •  Place the slices on a baking sheet and leave in the oven for 3 hours.  The thinner, the faster they will cook up.  And the longer you leave them in, the harder they become.  But personally, I’m fine with soft, chewy sweet potatoes.
  • You can also prepare them in a dehydrator, if you happen to have one!

Oh and speaking of SWEET, GUESS who was a GOOD dog yesterday?  Moi.  I went with Jackson and Frodo for a run on the golf course and GUESS who NEVER took off?!   Not even ONCE!!  Truth be told, Jackson’s human had awesome treats.   And the medication I’m taking makes me even MORE hungry than normal PON starvation mode.  I was so good – I even surprised myself.  That makes up for the fact that I again put a hole in one of my human’s pillowcases while she was putting in her contact lenses the other morning.  I have a pillowcase fetish…

Anyway, it’s Monday and I hope you have a SWEET week!

Wanted: Wrestler. With teeth.

Wanted.  One wrestler.  Job Description:  Must be willing to wrestle with large, fuzzy dog who likes to jump on people and pull the tails of unsuspecting dogs.  And must be willing to do so for at least 2 hours straight.  Send resumes to me.

Oh my heavens – what is it with the FG?  Is this a Picard thing????  I feel sorry for my poor buddy Jackson….  Yesterday, my human and Jackson’s human took Jack and Elroy up to the golf course for a run.  The walk began with the FG strangling himself on the leash – he was SO excited to see both of them he could hardly contain himself. My human had fears he would collapse from anoxia.  And when they were finally let off leash, well poor Jackson became a pin cushion for the FG’s “playful” bites on his tail, his ears, his butt.  My human  had to break them up several times because poor Jackson is SO well mannered, he won’t tell the FG off.  Unlike me or Frodo.  Luckily Jackson’s human had brought a VERY strong throw toy – which the FG would carry – and it would keep him from teeth wrestling.  He and Jack would tug on the toy, run together with it – and have a great time.  But take away the toy and Jaws returns.  And even when he LOOKS like he is about to behave, he gets a SPURT – he dashes over to Jackson’s human, jumps up on her, gives her a kiss and runs off. 

When he got home – after being out for close to an hour and a half, my human figured she would be able to eat her breakfast and read the paper in peace -because Frodo and I had been out on a  long walk before the FG.  But NO – the FG was STILL not tired.  Seriously.  I think someone needs to invent an automatic dog wrestling device.  I mean they have mechanical bulls and simulators  that are like bucking broncos.  Why not a fuzzy, jumping thing that dogs can wrestle with?  How do I get a patent?  

WHO knew we would EVER see the day when my human would consider ME  obedient?!  OK – that may be going a bit far…  In fact, I think I need to get into some mischief – I’m losing my edge…

Have a good one.

A tale of sea glass…

So this past MONDAY, my human had the day off.  We, of course, got her up bright and early – so we could go for EXTRA long walks.  Mission accomplished.  We came home and had our breakfast and my human ate as well.  And then she took her shower.  We figured she would then relax with us – but no – she announced “I’m going out.  And I’ll be back in an hour.”   We were not impressed but she gave us biscuits before she headed out, so that appeased us. Somewhat.

We later came to find out her destination.  The beach.  Because you see, my human has a weird hobby.  She collects sea glass.  For those who don’t live near the ocean, sea glass is the weathered, rounded glass that washes up on beaches and shorelines after rolling around in the ocean for a long time.  Sea glass is believed to come from towns that had dump sites along the shore and ships that once threw bottles and glass containers overboard.   Some references say that it takes 7 years to get a smooth piece of sea glass.   And while sea glass hunting is a popular activity, with these days of recycling, sea glass is becoming harder to find.   But my human has her “secret beaches”  where she can still find pieces.  She RARELY takes us along on her hunt as she would be too busy watching us to find her treasures.  And on Monday, she had a good bounty.

Sometimes she finds OTHER things.  Like marbles:

Or even toys:

And then she makes things with the glass.  When she has time….Like jewelry…

Or calendars…. 

                                                                      Or table tops….

                                      Or she just puts it in containers on display…

Which brings us to Monday…

My human can become a bit “immersed” in the hunt but on Monday, the temperatures were around the freezing mark.   Which wouldn’t be bad – but the wind was blowing in from the ocean.  So after about an hour, her fingers on her right hand were frozen even though she kept putting her hand in her pocket between pick ups.  And JUST as she was about to call it a day – something caught her eye in the sand.  Something strange.  Now for those who don’t know Nova Scotia well, I should probably let you know that there are PLENTY of ship wrecks along our coast.  So you never know WHAT you can find.  Anyway, she picked it up.  And it appeared to be a coin of some sort.  And the color was GOLD.  She carefully zipped it in her pocket to research it when she got home.

When she got home, we were overjoyed to see her – even though she had not been gone long.  We all went out for walks and got MORE treats.  And then my human did her sea glass routine.  She rinses and sorts everything like you see in the photo.  And leaves it on paper towel to dry.  She did that with all the glass AND the GOLD coin…

Well.  Have I mentioned lately that the FG is obsessed with paper?  He will nibble on a newspaper if it is left on the counter. He will even try to grab paper towel if my human is wiping off the counter.  So.  The paper towel with the sea glass AND the gold coin was sitting on the counter next to the sink.  And for SOME reason, the FG decided to tug on the paper towel.  Which sent sea glass FLYING everywhere.  And then, as we know, he likes to grab things.  Like tiny rocks.  OR COINS…

Long story short – the coin VANISHED.  So now my human didn’t know IF the FG ate it – or IF it had gone down the drain.  So of course, she called the vet.  They said that since she didn’t even KNOW if he ate it, she should just watch him and of course, watch out for vomiting or diarrhea.  And she should look for evidence in his poop.  LOVELY.  So.  For the past week, my human has been sorting through FG poop.  And GUESS what?!  Jackpot!  She got the coin back!!!!!!  

So after cleaning the coin NUMEROUS times – with the hose, with detergent, with the hose, etc., she finally felt it was clean enough.  So yesterday, during her lunch hour, she went to this little coin shop downtown.  She removed her treasure and handed it to the man, thinking it best NOT to tell him about the coin’s travels.  He eyed the coin, took out his magnifying glass, hesitated and guess what he told my human…….drum roll…….get ready…..

April fool!!!!  OK – there really WAS no coin. For those who have been reading my blog since the beginning, you may recall, the first year the April fool was the kitten story, and last year was the bear.  But just so you don’t feel totally scammed – most of this story WAS real.  And my human DOES collect sea glass.  Just delete the coin part…
  Have a good one  : )  And don’t be fooled again!