A Vik-Advisor Review

Well guess what?  The Easter bunny came – again. We got a package in the mail yesterday – and it was these cool eggs.  One for each of us.  Yes, these are not ordinary eggs.  They are Dog Eggs.  Not chicken eggs.  Dog Eggs.  They are basically white egg shaped rubber toys.  They wobble and roll – but the best part (although some might consider the most annoying part), they make all kinds of squeaky noises when you chew them.  Here is the link to the site:

And here is my Vik-advisor review…

I give them 2/3 stars.  Because 2/3 dogs in this house LOVED them.  Elroy thought they were THE best thing around.  No wonder – he likes anything that rolls.  And that he can toss.  He had a blast with his.  Einstein picked his up, walked around with it and guarded it like it was a sirloin steak.  If Elroy got too close, he jumped up and warned him that this was HIS egg.  Even though they are all identical.  He liked chewing it and hearing the squeaky sounds.  As for me?  Nah.  It’s just like a rubber ball – which makes noises – and I have no real love for rubber Kongs or rubber balls.  I’d rather a pillowcase.  For which I have paid a price. 

So that’s my quick review for today.  I hope you have a egg-stra special Day!!!!

Humor. And the Viktionary.

According to the crazy calendar, today is humorous day.  A day to have a good laugh and to smile.  Laughter is good for humans – it boosts the immune system, relaxes the body, burns calories, helps the heart and is even said to help people live longer!  And did you know we dogs laugh?  It is seen when we dogs play with you humans –  we begin panting and we make a tiny sound that is us laughing.  As opposed to us yelling – which Einstein is so good at doing.  Or should I say “barking out orders.” 

Anyway,  to provide a bit of humor for your day,  I’m sharing some of the terms from my Viktionary.  Now I KNOW some of you who are long-time blog readers have read these – but personally, I think they bear repeating!   And these terms generally apply to ANY dogs – not just PONs.  Or Picards.  I hope you will find the humor in them!  There are more to come…

Cheers and have a great day!!!

Yak attack

OK.  So here is the moral of the story.  Do not eat human pillowcases. Actually even just pieces of pillowcases.  Because it may necessitate numerous meetings between ones butt end and the shower head in the doggie bathtub.  Not to mention a few unsightly accidents while my human was out.  One would think I would learn my lesson from this experience, but don’t count on it…

And speaking of eating things, the Easter Bunny brought us some other cool  treats. They are Himalayan, and made of yak’s milk.   Really.  They look like sticks and are basically very hard cheese. Super hard.  So we each got one to chew on. And who do you think has to be watched every second because he tries to eat the thing as fast as he can? Nope not Jaws – which one would expect with his carpet chewing, furniture gnawing behaviour.  Just like carrots, he savours his Yak cheese.  Nope- not me with my ravenous appetite.   I nibble and gnaw away – in a very civilized way.  No – Einstein is the KING when it comes to new edible chew toys.  He managed to chew off 3 inches – while Jaws and I only worked through about .5 inch.  We all loved it, but Einstein was in a frenzy.  My human had to take them away and save them for another day because Einstein was getting out of breath.  OK maybe not that bad – but he was in a munching trance.  An all-out Yak attack.  My human kept hearing cracks and was praying it was the Yak stick and not his teeth.  I suppose that IS the danger in these things,  But we all had a grand time – and can’t wait for round two!  Frankly, I enjoyed mine even better than the pillowcase.  Now if I can just figure out where my human hid them…
Have a good one!

Happy Dyngus Day!!!!!!!!!!

Well it’s the day after Easter – so you know what that means!  It’s DYNGUS day!!!!!  Dyngus is pronounced  kind of like ding-goose.  It’s a big celebration in Poland and in many large cities in the US – at least those that have large Polish populations.  But ANYONE can celebrate Dyngus Day – and really, the more the merrier.  In my human’s home town of Buffalo, NY, Dyngus day is A BIG deal.  In fact, some say Buffalo is the world capital for Dyngus Day.  It’s a post-lent bash – where there are parades, dancing, eating and no doubt a BIT of drinking. According to tradition, on Dyngus Day, boys would hit girls with pussy willows and douse them with water – in what was said to be some kind of weird courtship ritual.  And the next day, the girls would throw plates at the boys.  Yes – a very calm, solemn celebration.  Someone gave a good analogy: Dyngus Day is to the END of lent what Mardi Gras is to the beginning.  We collected our pussy willows this week and intend to hit my human.  Just kidding – if given the option, we would no doubt just chew them.

Easter was a fantastic day.  We played “egg” hunt with pieces of treats hidden throughout the house.  And we all did brilliantly with that game. And then my human tried another game.  She had three plastic eggs that all looked the same.  And she would put a piece of bacon in ONE of them.  And we had to find the right egg…

Einstein went first.  After a couple of attempts, he finally got the hang of it.  I also figured it out, but nearly crushed the egg in my attempt to extract the bacon before my human could grab the egg I had selected.  And then it was the FG’s turn.  He saw the bacon – even got a taste.  He watched my human put it in the egg and shake it.  He watched her put the egg with the other two eggs.  He SEEMED to get the concept on the first try – but that may have been beginner’s luck.  On the second attempt, he decided that the eggs look an awful lot like balls.  And he LOVES to toss balls, hit balls, knock balls and watch them roll.  So whether the egg had bacon in it or not, it just became too much fun to watch the eggs roll.  So that was the end of THAT game.

We ALL got Easter bunny treats that my human bought for us at that Doggie Expo a few weeks back.  Here are the yummy treats.   

And here they are sans bows.

And JUST out of reach so she could take the photo.  She then snatched up the bunnies and gave them to us bit by bit – so we could savor them rather than chug them back like beer at a Dyngus Day party.  But not the FG.  He took the head from his bunny and it must have taken him 3 minutes to eat it.  In that time, Einstein and I devoured a whole rabbit.  We also got another yummy treat – more on that tomorrow!

Anyway – I hope you have a Happy Dyngus Day and remember – today EVERYONE is Polish!  Especially after 15 shots of vodka.  Have a good one and have some kielbasa on me!

Happy Easter. Despite the dreaded ear photos….

Well happy Easter to all.  And as expected, we have the typical bunny ear photos.  Ha.  Ha.  My human started taking photos several weeks ago.  

Seriously – we will only wear the crazy things for VERY short periods of time.  

To get a shot with all three of us, like this one, is nothing short of a miracle.

But of course, she wasn’t happy with that.  Or the assorted solo shots.  No – she decided to get a photo outdoors with the three of us and the recently repaired cement rabbit.  As you may recall, the FG knocked over the heavy hare, and amputated one of his ears.  My human painstakingly repaired him in the garage, where he has been housed for the winter.  And it appears her cement repair work was successful .  It could be a new career for her.  Rabbit ear repair.  So she lugged Peter outside with some wheeled shopping bag device because the wheel on the wheelbarrow is still flat.  And she proceeded to take photos.  I was the first solo victim.  And I was quite happy to oblige – as you can see with my blog photo.  But then she brought out Einstein – who loves photos – but just solo shots.  You can do ANYTHING with him when he is on his own, but he is NOT a happy camper when he has to pose with others.  And I was now unhappy because I don’t like sharing the yummy treats.  So NEITHER of us agreed to smile.  

Try as she might, she could NOT get a happy shot.  But she’s a glutton for punishment – so THEN she brought out the FG…Here’s the BEST one – in which NONE of us is happy.  Can you figure out which one is the cement rabbit?

And then we have this one.  Where the FG decided he could perhaps hide….

And one without ears.  Which STILL is not a happy crowd.

But my all time favorite blooper is THIS one.  I call it snub the bunny…

So that’s IT for the Easter shots for THIS year.  Gotta go – time for the egg hunt!!!!  Have a happy Easter – and don’t eat TOO much chocolate!!

The Titanic.

April 15.  And on this day in 1912, in the early morning hours, the Titanic sank off the coast of Newfoundland.  It struck an iceberg and more than 1500 people died making it the second largest ocean liner disaster in history.  Ships were launched from Halifax in the relief effort – and there are three cemeteries in Halifax where many of the victims were buried.  There’s even an exhibit at our Maritime Museum all about the Titanic – with some artifacts from the ship.  (That’s my plug for Nova Scotia tourism – the check better be in the mail.)  Anyway, three small dogs apparently survived the sinking – a Pekinese and two Pomeranians.  Nine other dogs lost their lives. Who knew the ship was reportedly dog-friendly, with an on-board dog show scheduled for the 15th! But only first class passengers could bring dogs – and they had special kennels. There are tragic tales of people having to leave their pets behind.   One woman, Ann Isham, refused to leave without her Great Dane.  They both tragically perished.  

Einstein and I are not crazy about the water, so a cruise is not on our Bucket lists.  Although Einstein has been on a ferry ride a couple of times.  He stayed in the vehicle – so said he doesn’t remember much about the ride.

And then we have the FG and water… He QUITE likes it – but is still not completely sure about the “swimming” part.  He went for a run with Jackson the other morning – and Jackson LOVES to swim in the many ponds on the golf course.  The FG races in, but stops when it is getting too deep.  He DID at one point go in over his head – and did a rather awkward looking dog paddle and came back out.  He may need a life jacket…..And it was all great fun and games racing along the course, holding onto JACKSON’S retrieving toy.  My human thinks they could do commercials for that toy – it is definitely standing up to the durability test.  Anyway as soon as they started to head for home, the FG disappeared.  And was replaced by Dr. Jekyll.  He became a TASMANIAN DEVIL – trying to pull Jackson’s tail, ears – just generally beating him up.  And as my human and Jackson’s human tried to grab him, he raced around and around them – JUST out of reach.  My human was getting dizzy trying to catch him.  It went on for a few minutes – but felt like an hour.  FINALLY, Jackson’s human GRABBED the FG’s collar and my human put the snapping-turtle-on-speed back on a leash.  He pranced back home, wet, and muddy and TOTALLY happy.  This was all before 8AM….

Anyway,  I hope you have a wonderful day!  And be careful if you go out on the water!

The accomplice.

Today is April 14 and it’s also Good Friday.  It’s an important day in Christian religions – just before Easter Sunday.  And also this week, people of the Jewish faith are celebrating Passover, another important holiday.

I’ve never been in a church before.  I SHOULD be able to go to the church where my human goes – because the priest is Polish.  And how could he NOT love us PONs?!  But my human said something about the potential for peeing on church pews – and how that would be VERY strictly frowned upon.  Now I do know of at least ONE PON who goes to church regularly in California- her name is Arwen.  She CLEARLY has more manners than we do.  My human said the rafters would shake if we came inside.  Not funny.

Besides the religious holidays, it is also some “holiday” called Reach As High as You Can Day.  It’s a day to encourage humans to reach for their dreams – and push themselves to strive to be the best they can be.  Honestly, I thought it was a dog holiday all about counter surfing.  It would make sense.  The FG is THE best counter surfer EVER.  Probably because he is so big and agile. Einstein generally barks if the FG steals something.  He’s such a tattletale.

Mind you, Einstein was quiet the other evening…  It was JUST before lights out and my human was in the bathroom brushing her teeth.  She came to bed and found Einstein in his comfy place on the end of the bed.  And there was yours truly, at the head of the bed.  Eating my human’s pillow.  Yup.  Another pillowcase goes the way of the oven mitt and I actually managed to take a chunk of pillow too.  My human was not impressed.  And the first thing she did, well actually second after she said the classic “what did you do ” was turn to Einstein and say “WHY didn’t you call me?”  He shrugged his shoulders and rolled over.   So he was branded as an accomplice.   I owe him.  Big time.

Well, time to go for a NICE long walk.  And search for that Easter bunny – I KNOW he’s out there.

Have a good one.


Well I always thought Einstein aka Pondini was an amazing escape artist.  But he has MET his match.  Did you hear the story about the Great Pyrenees who was being boarded at a local animal hospital – and he decided he didn’t feel like staying?  The video footage of General opening door after door is truly amazing.  And the good news is that he was later found safe and sound and has been returned to his family.  Check it out – scroll down for the video footage:

But you know, after watching his amazing fete, there is actually something that, personally, I think is even MORE amazing than the whole escape thing.  If you watch the video carefully you will notice General walking through the hospital and past bags and bags of dog food.  Seriously.  Einstein might be able to escape like General – but he would have cleaned out the shelves before he left. 

Well my human had the biggest scare the other night while walking the FG.  It was just after dusk, and they had a great walk up the trail and around part of the golf course at the end of our road.  And they were returning home and walking down the road and what should appear in the driveway of the home across the road but a cat.  The cat came around some trees at the end of the driveway and was about 15 ft away from my human and the FG.  The cat stopped in his tracks – and so did the FG.  They were both startled to see each other.  And my human slowly braced herself for what she quickly envisioned was going to be a Picard explosion on the end of the leash.  She held her breath…the cat slowly stepped back and dashed back into the bushes.  And the FG?  Did NOTHING!  Just looked at my human as if to say “well WHAT was THAT?”  Quite unlike Einstein and I the next morning when we spotted a bunny just as we walked out the door, and created enough double pulling power that my human HAD to let go of our leashes.  And OFF we went.  But LUCKILY, we started into the woods and came back.  Probably because we realized that escaping at 6:30AM would mean no bananas. Or MAYBE we are starting to behave.  Bwhahahahahaha.  Nah.  It was the bananas.

Tomorrow begins my human’s long Easter weekend.  Long weekend.  Long walks.  Perfect.

Have a good one!

Bird watching

Somebody lied.  They said that Picards were in the Herding group.  Now I don’t know if the FG is going to like all things herd-able- like sheep or cows.  But one thing I do know, he is a BIRD dog.  I swear he has some Sporting dog in him somewhere.  He is absolutely fascinated with birds.  He watches them in the bushes.  He looks overhead in the sky.  He likes little birds like chickadees and bigger birds like doves and crows.  And you SHOULD have seen his face when he spotted some Canada geese on the golf course the other night.  His brain exploded.  He was suspended.  And completely mesmerized.  You want him to behave?  Release a flock of birds and you can be sure you’ve got his attention.

I must say, he IS pretty comical.  My human decided to do some little obedience exercises with us as a trio the other night.  You know – the standard sit, down, stand, spin, twist, back up stuff.  The FG has the sit.  But once he goes into the down, that’s it.  He just lies there and listens to the commands and watches Einstein and I acting all frenzied and doing everything like little robots.  And just TRY to get him to sit up again once he has gone down.  It got to the point my human would say “Frodo stand.”  And he would do it and get his treat.  “Viktor stand” and ditto for my performance.  And then she gave up giving the FG instructions and just said “Elroy down” because he basically wasn’t going to do anything else anyway.  So he would look at her and he got a treat for that.  Which in MY opinion is a bit of a rip off.  Don’t kid yourself – it’s not that he isn’t smart.  I mean just think about it – he got rewarded for doing nothing.  Who’s the smart one after all?  The moral of the story – he is better working on obedience when he does his work solo.  I’ll blame it on the fact that he is in awe of our performance and just can’t even move.  It’s like watching birds to him.  

Well it’s Wednesday and just ONE more day of work for my human after today.  And then a four day weekend – AND we get to go on an Easter Egg Hunt.  My human’s mother is also coming to hang out with us – so you know what THAT means – EXTRA bananas!  Especially for her favorite grand-dog.

Have a good one!

My Christmas list has begun.

OK. I JUST saw something on Facebook that I want.  I mean I REALLY want this.  It’s a remote controlled Flying Shark.  Seriously.  I WANT one.  


Can you IMAGINE what would happen in this household if one of these things appeared from another room?!  Honestly – THIS is our chance to get on Funniest Videos.  We would become famous.  Especially when we deflate the shark.   I am putting it on my Christmas list…

Well the snow is melting quickly and the monuments are appearing.  Anyone who lives in a snowy climate knows that when the snow melts, the dog poop that wasn’t scooped up during the blizzards, appears.  My human was on monument patrol on Sunday.  She was also doing general garden cleanup.  We couldn’t hang out in the dog run on the side of the house because there is a loose paving stone in the run – the earth underneath must have eroded – so the stone tips down when you walk on it.  My human, being the neurotic dog owner that she is, is afraid one of us would get a paw caught.  She actually moved the stone herself about two weeks ago to fix it.  There was much groaning and the odd bad word – those stones are HEAVY.  It took her about 45 minutes.  She filled the hole with gravel and rocks and then had to move the stone back.  After much heaving and jostling she managed to get the stone back in place. And it still moved.  So she needs to recruit a friend to help.  In the meantime, we were forced to watch her yard and monument cleanup from the front hall.  With a baby gate against the screen door.  It’s an entertaining show.  She really needs to get pruning shears that are painted in florescent colors.  Because, she inevitably puts them down – and then can’t  find them.  So she wanders around the yard looking for them. Einstein just looks at me and rolls his eyes.  She didn’t even GO in the backyard – the mole mud zone was too depressing.  She’s back to her idea of hiring some terriers – or ANY dog that catches moles.  The ferret poop quest has not been successful.   

Well, I have to go and start my Christmas list.  I know it’s early – but I REALLY want one of those sharks!!  Admit it – the vision of it makes you chuckle.  I NEED one.

Have a good one!