Election Day

This is it.  The big day.  Election Day in the US.  If you listen to the news, one poll says one candidate is in the lead.  Another poll puts the other in the lead.  Like an old-fashioned record player, it’s all in how you spin the data.  And with all the varied human predictions, it appears there have been animals predicting who will win as well.  

At an Ecological Park in China (I guess that’s a fancy name for a zoo?) a monkey, who is supposed to be some kind of prophet, was shown pictures of Trump and Clinton, with bananas next to each picture.  The monkey reportedly chose the bananas next to Trump and went so far as to kiss Trump’s picture.  I will say no more… 

At Nova Southeastern University in Florida, two mako sharks were tagged as part of research in the oceanography department.  They have been followed since September – one was tagged as Trump and one as Clinton.  The objective was to see which shark would travel the farthest, and that shark would be deemed the winner – and would predict who would win the election.  Trump did it again.  And again, the analogy between Trump and a shark – well, I’ll say no more on that one either!

In Cleveland, dogs had the chance to vote:
They predicted Trump.  I’m thinking that hair would be pretty appealing.  No wonder he won.

And in one of my favorite races – we had pigs.  Wearing Trump and Clinton wigs.  I kid you not:
Trump wins again.  My goodness, it’s hard not to comment further on this one too.

In other predictions, made by parrots and kittens, Hillary won.   Sorry, there is no analogy between Hillary and a kitten.  But a parrot….hmmmmm……..

Anyway.  Today is the day.  And tomorrow a new day dawns.   May it be hopeful…

Life’s a ball…

Honestly.  Sometimes I just don’t know about my human.  Good thing we keep her – she’s not always the sharpest knife in the drawer..

Elroy LOVES balls.  We saw that from the day he arrived.  First she got him the Chuck-It ball.  Which he happily carried – and also chewed.  So then she got the infamous “Jolly” ball.  Which is still intact.  Somewhere in the woods.  That’s where it was last headed.  So THEN she discovered that he really liked the HUGE exercise ball that she had.  You know the kind – you inflate it and you humans are supposed to do some kinds of exercises with it.  The operative words here are SUPPOSED TO.  We’ve had one in this house and the only exercise it has ever seen is her moving it from one room to the next.  Or the exercise used to inflate the thing.  And THEN, Elroy discovered it.  At first he was afraid of it.  And frankly, I am afraid of it too.  Frodo on the other hand likes to push it around with his nose.  And he barks at it.  Once Elroy saw that Frodo wasn’t afraid of it, he went CRAZY over it.  Pushing it. Jumping on and around it.  Trying to pick it up…

My human thought it was cute and then realized he would probably rip it as he actually WAS beginning to carry it a bit- as it wasn’t fully inflated.  So she though that maybe if it was FULLY inflated, he would just be able to push it around and play with it.  So she took it into the garage, found the bicycle pump and inflated the ball.  She was all excited about it.  She went down to the rec room and let Elroy have the ball.  I don’t think I need to point out at this part of the story that my human is no scientist when it comes to the laws of physics.  By inflating the ball, it actually made it EASIER to break.  So you guessed it – one attempt by Elroy to grab it and the next thing we heard was a pssssssssssssss sound.  One dead exercise ball.

But not to worry – now she’s looking at giant horse balls on the internet…

Yup.  It’s a good thing we keep her.  She never ceases to amaze us….

Don’t eat the bunny

So the other night, my human decided we should introduce Elroy to the game of Find the Bunny…

I was able to play first.  She put Velcro dog and the FG in the front hallway – but they could watch me play through the french door.  That was the plan.  She figured that if the FG watched the game – he might figure it out.  Well, as we all know, I am a Find the Bunny expert. My human made me sit and stay and she hid the bunny in various places around the house.  And I consistently brought the bunny back and gave him up for a treat.  When my multiple runs were over, she put me in the FG’s 100 lb pony sized crate.  Then it was Velcro dog’s turn.  And the FG again got to watch how the game is played.  Sometimes my human hid the bunny in tricky spots – so  Frodo and I really had to use our noses.  It may have looked like we were just running around and looking, but we were using our noses and we both found the bunny every time.  So then it was the FG’s turn.  But how to hide the bunny, when his sit stay lasts .073 seconds and if you walk away more than two feet, he’s up?  My human decided to tie him with a leash to the 100 lb crate.  That I was in.  She tied him up and said to “stay.”  Initially I feared for my life because he began to pull the crate.  But it WAS pretty heavy – and my human said “stay” – so he just stood there.

My human figured that to help him get the idea of the game – she should “hide” the bunny in another room in plain sight.  She did – in fact I think he could even see the bunny the first few times from where he was tied to the crate.  .  When she took him off the leash, she instructed “find the bunny” and he RACED off to get it.  He was very excited to get that bunny.  However – NOT so excited to give him up.  EVERY time my human hid it, she had to follow him while he was looking for it, because in his mind, the name of the game was Search and Destroy the Bunny.  One time he didn’t find the bunny – so he just raced around the house.  I’m thinking he needs a BIT more practice at this game…

He doesn’t need much practice with the dremel though, He reportedly stood perfectly for “Auntie” Glenda AKA the “Just be Calm” lady while she did his nails.  He was so good.  It’s hard to believe.  While there, he tried very hard to play with  a Bernese puppy that Glenda had bred – but she wanted nothing to do with him  I think because she didn’t know quite what to make of the FG – he’s all legs – and those ears would make any dog pause and wonder.

Well, time to go and make good use of that extra hour we got last night.  Maybe I can use the time to teach Elroy how to play Find the Bunny.  Mind you – I DID have that small incident when I swallowed the bunny’s leg back in the summer…  So maybe he shouldn’t take instructions from me. But we all survived – didn’t we?!

Have a good one!

The list grows

Well the FG is headed to see “Auntie” Glenda again today to be dremeled.  Now that’s not to be confused with being pummeled.  Ears are pummeled (with a pumice stone – that’s MY definition of pummeled) and nails are dremeled.   For a dog who is supposed to be low maintenance, Elroy sure requires lots of pampering! 

You know, I am starting to admire him more and more each day.  He is VERY clever.  And sneaky.  When my human gets home from work, we all run out to have a pee.  And there IS a bit of PONdemonium – we bark and run like cows being let out of the barn after the winter.  Everyone within a 5 km radius knows when my human has come home.  And the FG LOVES to run around with us.  And he’s fast…

The other night, after supper my human went to take something out to the compost bin.  It was just getting dark and she saw “something” right in the middle of the front lawn.  “What IS that?” she wondered.  She slowly walked over and discovered what the odd object was.  One of her shoes.  You see, the FG likes to race out of the house when she gets home and IF he has access to an open closet door, he grabs whatever he can.  And he is GONE with it.   She never even saw him take it!

He and I have STARTED to wrestle just a little.  Just a LITTLE.  I’m not quite sure what to make of all of his leaping and what I call his bucking bronco routine.  It’s quite the sight.  I think those ears give him extra air. 

Hey – did you happen to see what is on “Oprah’s favorite things” list this year?  You probably know Oprah – that mega rich television/media woman.  She puts out this crazy list of stuff every year before Christmas and people who think her opinion is incredibly valuable, go out and buy what she says.  Humans.  Anyway, this year she has a customized dog blanket on the list.  And you humans can have OUR faces put on the blanket.  The one I saw was white in color.  What a perfect clean color for a dog blanket.  Cough cough. Mind you – it is machine washable.  I should hope so.  And it’s a great bargain – only $395 US dollars.  That’s like $2000 Canadian dollars.  OK.  Not THAT much.  Anyway, I think we need one for each of us.  It’s on the list.

Well, it’s the weekend and rumor has it my human is OFF on Monday, Tuesday AND Friday next week!  Let the party begin!   Have a good one – you KNOW we will! And I will continue to work on my list.  Dremel for Elroy…

Watch out for pigs

November 4.  Did you know that on this day in 1929, Richard Byrd and Laurence McKinley Gould began a 2 1/2 month journey to explore the interior of Antarctica?  Well now you know.  And of course, they did their 1500 mile journey on dog sled. Dogs actually arrived in Antarctica back in 1889.  They were THE mode of transportation – and they actually provided more than that.  According to one source – during a bad blizzard back in 1889,  men brought their dogs into their tents for warmth.  In that sometimes hostile environment, man and dog depended on each other for survival.  Just like in our household.  We know our human would be lost without us.  And vice versa.

In 1994, the last dog was removed from Antarctica because of an environmental ruling that any “non-native” species be removed to prevent the possible spread of diseases.  OK.  I get that.  But hello – humans are still there.  Just sayin’.  Mind you, I’m not so sure I want to visit Antarctica.  I’m thinking it’s even colder than Nova Scotia in the winter.  And no doubt I would be subjected to wearing my spandex snowsuit and boots.  No thanks.  Oh – lest anyone THINK we already have snow in the Great White North – the photo was taken last winter.  Personally, I’m hoping for a GREEN Christmas!

Speaking of which, it’s almost time to start my Christmas list.  I don’t need to ask for a puppy this time.  So now I’m thinking about a kitten.  Or a pot bellied pig.  I got THAT idea because there was a story in the news this week from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia about a pot bellied pig.  It seems the local police had to apprehend an escaped  pig in a residential neighborhood.  The pig’s name was Kevin Bacon.  And no – I didn’t make that up.  But Kevin was a friendly, easy-going pig – so the capture was quite uneventful – and he was returned to his home.  That got me thinking we should get one.  That.  Or a kitten.  Or a goat.  Just IMAGINE the stories I would have…

Anyway – it’s FRIDAY!  Stay warm.  Stay dry.  And watch out for pigs.  Have a great one!

Ears to ya

Seriously.  Who do we call about making our household into a reality TV show?!  I’m sure all of you would watch!  The latest trauma and drama in our household?  Ears.

You humans are really unbelievable.  The STUFF you worry about when it comes to us dogs is just this side of crazy.  You worry about everything from how we eat, to how we poop, to how we look.  And honestly, while we also care about eating, we don’t really think much about pooping and we certainly do not care how we look.  Well – nobody in this household anyway.  Frodo and I could not care LESS if we ever saw another brush.  But obviously my HUMAN cares about how we look – so going on a grooming hiatus never happens here.  Lucky for Elroy, his coat does not require the same amount of brushing that we PONs do.  But Elroy has had a different “beauty issue” the last little while.  His ears.

Picards are supposed to have erect ears.  When they are puppies, the ears are down and then they go up around 3-4 months.  HOWEVER, when they teethe, the ears can apparently go all wonky.  And that’s exactly what we saw with the Friendly Giant.  As a baby  puppy, his ears were down.  Then at the beginning of October, his ears were both up.  Like two witches hats.  Awesome.  For about a week.  Then down they came.  And the Flying Nun look was back.

So OF COURSE my human has been reading everything she can find about Picard ears.  And she is stressing about it.  She has communicated with a number of people about it.  Some suggested trimming the hair on his ears.  She did that – but it didn’t seem to make a difference.  She fed him cheese so the calcium might help.  He loved the cheese – and so did we, but that didn’t seem to make a difference.  She thought about buying a shaver for his ears – but envisioned making a REAL mess.  And then someone suggested a pumice stone…

A pumice stone?  What do you do with a pumice stone?  Who do you call about it?  Why the Vet’s office.  Of course.  And she asked to speak to the groomer who works there.  They put my human on hold and then said the groomer JUST left.  Suuuuuuure she did – she heard it was my human calling.  So then my human asked to speak to another woman there who breeds Shelties.  This woman took her call – she must have lost the coin toss.  Anyway, she was VERY helpful and she said they sold pumice stones at the office.  AND if that didn’t work, she said our Vet is very good at “taping ears”.   My human thinks of taping as a last resort – primarily because she’s not sure the Friendly Giant would leave them taped.  She wanted to give this pumice stone a try, first.

After work, she stopped in to get the pumice stone, or what I will now refer to as the magic stone.  Because IF it works, it will be magic.  And she got it home.  And she realized she didn’t know exactly what to do with it.  After googling it and going through various You Tube videos showing dogs EATING pumice stones, she finally found one that gave her a BIT of an idea what to do.  The stone acts as a “stripping device” – pulling out hair.  So the poor Friendly Giant was whisked onto the grooming table.  And his ears were “pummeled”. Gently of course.  At first my human thought nothing was happening and then she realized fur was flying.  So she pummeled some more. And the FG got more treats.  And she pummeled.  And he got treats.  And when she was finished pummeling him – she was SURE those ears were up a BIT.  I think it was in her imagination – but who knows?  I just don’t want my human to get ANY ideas about pummeling my ears!  CAN you imagine THAT?

So now we wait to see what the FG’s ears will look like over the next day or two.  And we’ll all be waiting with baited breath.  Well, maybe not  ALL of us… 

Now.  Who do I call about that TV show?

Christmas came early. Sort of.

Christmas came early.  But this is one of those weird gifts.  It’s for us dogs, but it makes our human happy.  And if it makes her happy, well, we’ll go along with it.  Mind you, it’s a bit like giving a 4 year old some clothing as a gift.  What kid gets excited about new underwear?  So what dog gets excited about a new collar?  It’s not like we can see the collar on ourselves.  Unless we look in a mirror… And even then – with us PONs it’s really hard to see our collars.

Anyway,  we have LOADS of collars in this house.  Collars for every life stage.  BUT – we didn’t have collars with our names on them.  And my human always feared that if one of us took off and got lost, how would anyone know who we were?  Never mind the fact that we all have bionic microchips that can be scanned to identify us.  But let’s face it – most homes don’t have one of those scanners.  IF someone found us – they wouldn’t know right away where we belonged.  And for those who are wondering – yes we are licensed and we have tags, but we never wear the tags.   Quite possibly because the way that Frodo and Elroy wrestle and chew on each other, they would likely rip them off one another.  So we “needed” new collars.  Sure we did. And she found these lovely colorful leather colors on-line.

The collars arrived in the mail and we got all excited until we realized there was no food involved in this gift.  Frodo got a mint green one, Elroy got purple and I got red. Frodo and I plan to swap them when she leaves for work.  Just to confuse anyone who finds us.  Not that Frodo will ever get lost – Velcro dog sticks close to home.  The Friendly Giant DOES like to wander into the woods – dragging his long line behind him.  But my human is always RIGHT behind him.  He’s actually a LOT more brave than we were at his age.  Except for yesterday morning.

My human took him out for his “quick pee” when he got up – and it was dark out at 5 AM.  He, of course, was on a leash and he went on the lawn to pee.  And then he did something that startled my human.  He began to look into the bushes and growl.  And then he let out a bark.  A mean bark.   And he stared and jumped backwards.  And he again growled.  He had never done this before.  Oh.  Except for the time he growled at his reflection in the deck door.  Still -my human had no idea what could be lurking in the bushes, so she dragged him back inside. 

When the sun came up, she went out to see if there were any traces of anything in the bushes.  And there WAS an answer.  It was a dog.  A very scary dog.  Who had been invisible before – hidden by the leaves of a hosta – but who had now appeared as the leaves are dying.  Check him out.

Good one Elroy.  Good one.   I think I’ll get YOU some night goggles for Christmas…

Ya gotta love him!

Check me out!

Well, it’s November 1.  Halloween is over. We had a whopping 5 kids come to the house last night.  Thank goodness we were prepared with 50 chocolate bars and 18 bags of chips. And none of them brought a dog.  We dogs watched the proceedings from the other side of the french door. Frodo barked, Elroy squeaked and I just watched.  We ALL wanted to greet them.  But my human figured she didn’t really want to traumatize any princesses so we stayed sequestered. The Halloween attire has been put in storage and NO doubt my human will be visiting the dreaded Dollar Store to be the first in line for ridiculous Christmas attire.  I’m SURE she still has those blasted reindeer antlers hidden somewhere.  You can be certain that if we found them that they would disappear. 

And speaking of being the first in line.  My human was the first to order this cool wiper blade for the rear window on the vehicle.  And why did she get one?  Because I am one of the models!  Check me out! http://pontique.boutique/moregifts.html

Our vehicle is a BIT like a rolling advertisement for PONs.  We already have a license plate surround and a sticker for the window.  But she doesn’t want Elroy to feel left out – so the search is on for some Picard car tchotchke.  Humans are so strange.  I mean really – do you want to advertise what breed we are when Frodo throws himself against the window and barks like Cujo at every pedestrian when we stop for a light?!  

And since we are into November – time to start preparing for next weekend when the clocks go back here and in most parts of Canada and the US.  I see that my friends  in the UK, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Poland – all turned your clocks back this past weekend.  We folks in North America are so behind the times.  Pun intended. Us and the 135 permanent residents of Antarctica (I’m not counting the 1-5000 researchers that work there at certain times).  I have to start thinking about what I’m going to do with that extra hour next weekend…

Anyway – have a happy Tuesday!