Puppy “genius” hard at work

Hey everybody! It’s me- Squirmy!!!!! How’s your large life today? Mine is just the biscuits.

I must say though, that it’s hard work being a puppy. Here I am working to dig some new holes for planting some shrubs. I’m following the moves of my mentor – who you’ll also see in the video.

Here I have to really put my heart into it -so I add some vocals.

And if it’s not bad enough that I have to work in the garden – I now ALSO have to work for my lunch!!!

My enforcer bought these intellectual toys for my brothers a couple of years ago – and they have been sitting in their boxes gathering dust. So – she got this bright idea to try them out with me. Here is one.

See those little black handles? When you pull them, there is a little drawer where treats are placed. So you pull each one and voila – you get a treat! Or in my case – my LUNCH! You can smell the food through the hole in the top. Once you figure out the drawer thing, you can make the game more difficult by putting a peg in the hole – so then you need to pull out the peg before you can open the drawer. I have the drawer thing down – although I do get into a bit of a frenzy opening those things. And I’m actually starting to figure out how to pull out the peg – BUT I get so excited with the peg that I just take off with that -and would like to chew it! So I’m not really ready for the peg part yet. Here’s a quick video of me at lunch time. This is my second time around. I already emptied it once with half my lunch. You see the idea. I didn’t pull the peg out in this one – but I did the first time around.

So that’s me working for my meal. I need to see if there is such a thing as Puppy Labor Laws. I think I’m a bit young to be working for my meals, don’t you?

I think I’m due for some socializing today. We were home ALL day yesterday- so I need to do something today. I can’t play with the coyote which is killing both of us. So time for a road trip. My choice is somewhere that they sell food or toys. But not the educational ones. Or maybe someplace that sells shrubs…..

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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